20 Best Minecraft Survival Houses

Best Minecraft Survival Houses

In any Minecraft world, at some point, you’re going to have to build a house. That’s just the way it is—at least without mods.

Even if you’re like me, and tend to rush to the Ender Dragon for one reason or another (having an Elytra improves the game significantly). Unfortunately for me, though, I suck at translating my build ideas to Minecraft’s blocky format.

Luckily, these days, the internet is filled with a plethora of different Minecraft house ideas. On the other hand, that means that sifting through all the different tutorials can be a long process.

So we’ve gathered some of the best down below! Ranging from mansions, to full-on bases, to simple houses, there’s sure to be something here for everyone.

Do you have an awesome Minecraft survival house design? Have you put together a tutorial on how to build it, or a YouTube video that shows it off? Send us a link to it in the comment section below and we’ll consider featuring it in this post! Also, please consider subscribing to these YouTuber’s channels as they have put in some real effort in bringing you these cool Minecraft builds.

1. Build an Underwater Mountain Survival House

Minecraft | How to Build an Underwater Mountain House

First up is my personal favorite—an underwater mountainside house by Zaypixel. I’ve always loved the simplicity of mountainside builds, seeing as they tend to be little more than a “hole in a wall.” Doing the same but underwater might seem a bit daunting, but its small size keeps it simple. If you’re willing (and able) to play around with shaders, it can lead to some great scenery.

2. Japanese-Style Survival House

Minecraft: How To Build a Survival Japanese House

There’s something about the Japanese aesthetic that causes just about everyone to agree that it’s simply beautiful. While SheepGG manages to nail down the look, the build is small and simple enough that it could be your starter house, too.

3. Modern Villa House for Survival

Minecraft : Modern House/Villa  & INTERIOR |How to Build in Minecraft

I’m not the biggest fan of modern-style Minecraft homes (I tend to enjoy the cottagecore and fantasy aesthetics more), but this design by Akila Gaming is really something special. It focuses on verticality, and the result is a decidedly modern-style home that looks like it came straight from a Sci-Fi novel.

4. Large House for Survival

Minecraft: How to Build a Big House Tutorial

This design by Sevaris is on the larger side, but luckily, the materials used are pretty easy to obtain. Use of different diorite blocks gives the house a sort of medieval look, or a more modern house that’s simply fallen to wear and tear.

5. Suburban Mansion Design

Minecraft: How To Build A Suburban Mansion House Tutorial (#4)

While the title says “mansion”, this design by Rizzial is really more of a large suburban-style house. Still, though, the resource requirement (which luckily is listed in the video) is noticeably higher than other builds on the list, so be sure you can take the hit before starting on this one.

6. Perfect Survival Farm House

Minecraft: How To Build a Survival Farm House

Another entry by SheepGG, this starter build focuses more on early-game accessibility and offering more than just shelter. The elevated floor plan is a nice distinction from other builds, and the farm design included in the tutorial offers an early source of food as well.

7. Modern Survival House Tutorial

Minecraft: Big Modern House / Mansion Tutorial - [ How to Make Realistic Modern House ] 2020

Another entry for modern-style dwellings, this mansion design by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT is the largest design so far. Not only does it have a solar-panel set up on the roof (in part thanks to a texture pack), it has a ground-level pool as well. This build requires a lot of quartz though, so I hope you enjoy being in the nether.

8. Two-Player Survival Design

Minecraft: How To Build a 2-Player Survival Base(Mansion House) Tutorial (#17) | 마인크래프트 건축, 야생 기지

Don’t let the Korean characters in the title scare you—this build by IrieGenie has English subtitles, making it perfectly easy to follow. It’s also one of the few builds out there that specifically caters to a multiplayer experience—which is the preferred way to play of many out there.

9. Cottage-Style Survival House

Minecraft Big Cottage House Tutorial

While on the larger side, this design by BigTonyMC is still simplistic and small enough that it remains a relatively easy build to do. The choice of colors may seem a tad odd at first, but lets the finished product blend right in with the surrounding forest scenery.

10. Large Wooden Survival House

Minecraft House Tutorial :  (#19) Large Wooden Survival House (How to Build)

This house, designed by RainbowGamerPE, follows some standard practices, but also incorporates a pretty unique over-and-under layout. The bulk of the living space is above grand, while excavating a portion of land to make use of as much space as possible. The result looks super cool, and you can use your own blocks of choice to adapt to whatever aesthetic you may desire.

11. Wooden Mansion for Survival

Minecraft: How to Build a Wooden Mansion | PART 1

This wooden mansion by Brandon Stilley Gaming proved to be so large that it’s actually split into multiple videos. It’s a pleasant departure from the more futuristic style homes, and while you might have to chop down a forest (or two), it’s well worth the effort and resources.

12. The Ultimate Minecraft Survival House

Minecraft: How to Build an Ultimate Survival House

The title alone conveys some lofty aspirations, but this house, designed by Folli, lives up to it. While you might have to chop down another forest or two, the use of cobblestone and its mossy variants lend it a slightly medieval feel with a more modern layout.

13. Large Oak House Design

Easy Minecraft: Large Oak House Tutorial - How to Build a Survival House in Minecraft #37

Considering how much wood you’ll need for these builds, it might be a good idea to set up a wood farm sooner rather than later. This build by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial has an elevated floor scheme as well, leaving plenty of space to put in whatever you want.

14. Wooden Cabin for Survival

Deluxe Minecraft WOODEN Cabin Tutorial! (#20)

While this cabin designed by Greg Builds is noticeably smaller than others, that might be a good thing. Despite its small size, the stylish layout and a collection of little tricks make the finished product look really refined.

15. Medieval-Style House Idea

Minecraft: How to Build a Large Medieval House

This build by BlueNerf Minecraft is the first decidedly medieval-styled one. The use of bone blocks is a nice way to give it that cobbled together feel, and the decision to build out a foundation for the house itself is a nice touch.

16. Beach-Style House for Hardcore Survival

Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore Let's Play: Mangrove Beach House! Episode 1

While this design is taken from WaxFraud’s Let’s Play, rather than a tutorial video, it’s definitely worth the watch. The red color palette sets it apart from others, and the use of new-age tricks (and blocks) like campfires really makes it stand out.

17. Fantasy-Themed House Idea

Minecraft | How to Build a Fantasy House (Tutorial)

This Fantasy-themed build by the appropriately named Minecraft Fantasy Builds is certainly more whimsical than most others on this list. The use of foliage and other mossy blocks make it look like it came straight out of an elven forest.

18. Modern Survival House Design

【Minecraft】 Modern House Tutorial ㅣ Modern City #34

The last of the modern-style homes, this tutorial by JINTUBE isn’t the biggest out there, but it follows its own unique design theme that I think is really cool. Rather than the angular cells of other modern designs, this one is built into a circle, with the first floor walls being made entirely out of glass.

19. Big Oak House Tutorial

Easy Minecraft: Large Oak House Tutorial - How to Build a Survival House in Minecraft #33

Another entry by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial, this one is similar to the other from this same series, but has a different layout that might appeal to others. It’ll still take quite a bit of wood, though, so I hope there’s still some forests left in your world.

20. Aesthetic/Cozy Survival House

How To Build An Aesthetic Cozy Minecraft House | Cottagecore Cottage Tutorial | Minecraft

Last but certainly not least we have a Cottagecore design put together by Tootsie. With a simple layout and a sleek design, the contrast of the rough cobblestone and smooth terracotta makes for a nice blend of both rustic and new-age aesthetics.

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