15 Best Modern Minecraft House Ideas

Modern Minecraft House Ideas

While Minecraft may have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years—in large part thanks to a slow but steady update pace—past updates have still left their mark on the voxel-based sandbox game.

Perhaps the most consistently used blocks since its inception, though, has been nether quartz. While modern-styled homes and builds in Minecraft were certainly present before, the introduction of nether quartz provided a clean, seamless white that really allowed this style to take it to the next level.

The later introduction of concrete would also provide a similarly seamless contrast color, forming the foundation of the modern builds.

If you’ve been thinking about designing your own modern-fashioned Minecraft house, but can’t quite come up with a good plan, look no further. We’ve listed some of the best modern Minecraft house ideas below to serve as some inspiration.

Do you have an awesome modern Minecraft house design? Have you put together a tutorial on how to build it, or a YouTube video that shows it off? Send us a link to it in the comment section below and we’ll consider featuring it in this post! Also, please consider subscribing to these YouTuber’s channels as they have put in some real effort in bringing you these tutorials.

1. Modern Minecraft House Building Tips

Minecraft Tutorial: Modern House Building Tips

While this video by TSMC contains a few example builds (including one really cool one built into the side of a hill), this is more like a collection of tips and tricks to really help you nail that modern look. As expected, there’s a lot of quartz used—make sure you’re prepared to spend a lot of time in the nether.

2. Modern-Style House Tutorial

【Minecraft】 Modern House Tutorialㅣ Modern City #18

This tutorial by Jintube really nails down the modern look while incorporating some of the more natural-looking resources available in-game. Complete with two levels, and an overhang sheltered fireplace, as well as a kitchen and dining area, this is potentially the most complete list on this build—even if it is on the larger side.

3. Modern Villa Design

Minecraft : Modern House/Villa  & INTERIOR |How to Build in Minecraft

Easily the longest video on this list, Akila Gaming shows off a massive modern house/villa. While the entire tutorial is more than an hour long, it makes up for this by being one of the most in-depth tutorials out there. It also helps that the build itself is great, complete with a storage room and multiple sleeping areas.

4. Modern House with Pool

Minecraft: How to Build a Modern House Tutorial (Easy) #27 Interior in Description!

Rather than a tight focus on nailing down the “modern” look, WiederDude proves that it’s more than possible to use the same color palette on a more standard layout, while at the same time making use of some of the hallmarks of the modern architecture.

5. Smaller Modern House Idea

Minecraft: How To Build A Small Modern House Tutorial (#18)

As one of the smaller builds on this list, this small modern home designed by Rizzial sets itself apart by using a fair amount of wood, as well as the more “standard” materials for modern designs. The result is a small, easy to build home that manages to blend the futuristic look of modern designs with the more old-fashioned ones.

6. Modern-Style Mansion

Minecraft: How To Build A Modern Mansion House Tutorial (#23)

Again by Rizzial, this larger build focuses on using more space (and by extension resources) in exchange for greater flexibility in the build’s purpose. Similar to the previous build, however, there’s a fair amount of wood incorporated into the design, though this time contrasting the other materials used.

7. Cotainer-Style Modern Design

⛏️ 마인크래프트 하얀색 3층 컨테이너 집 만들기 :: 🧊 Minecraft White Container House Build Tutorial 🏘️

Standing out from the rest of the crowd, ManDooMin’s “modern” build takes a vastly different approach than the rest. Composed of multiple container-like cells, this build focuses more on expandability than anything else. The simple composition of these cells allows for them to be built at a moment’s notice, and given their size, it’s easy enough to repurpose them should the need arise.

8. Small Modern House Idea

Minecraft: How To Build A Small Modern House Tutorial (#14)

Once more by Rizzial, this modern house design is perhaps the smallest of the bunch. Still, though, despite its small size, Rizzial manages to fit two different floors, as well as a small porch area leading up to the entrance pathway. It might be small, but its compact size may be a boon if you’re building it in the early game.

9. Cool Modern House Idea

Minecraft : How To Build a Small Modern House Tutorial (#41)

Thrown together by RainbowGamerPE, this modern house design—while titled “small” is more of a middle ground between the smaller compact designs, and the bigger mansion-style homes that we’ve seen so far. It has two floors, a pool area, as well as an outdoor porch area, and a tiny garden.

10. Three-Story Modern House

Minecraft: How to Build a Modern House Tutorial (Easy) #32 - Interior in Description!

Another design by WiederDude, this build focuses on making use of the different levels found in a lot of modern builds. While it may be three stories high, each level is split into different areas, allowing for it to be built one room at a time. It also has a pool area, and makes use of wooden accents to really give it that modern look.

11. Large Modern House Tutorial

Minecraft : How To Build a Large Modern House Tutorial (#40)

The biggest one on this list so far, designed by RainbowGamerPE. This build takes a lot from the other ones on this list. It makes use of levels and a room-divided layout, while building itself around one centerpoint. Different from the oak planks of previous builds, this one makes use of birch planks, blending in better with the color scheme.

12. A Real Architect’s Modern House Design

A real architect's building houses in Minecraft tutorial / Modern House #23

Interesting enough, this build by JUNS MAB is designed by a real architect. It’s also massive, featuring three different floors, each one divided into separate rooms. Interesting enough, this build also makes use of pure black, as well as the staple gray concrete present in previous builds. There’s also a controlled waterfall running over the front of the build, which is a nice touch.

13. Easy Modern Minecraft House

Minecraft : How To Build a Small Modern House Tutorial (#16)

One last one by RainbowGamerPE, this build is left purposefully incomplete, allowing for players to take it in whatever direction they may wish. Still, though, this serves as a useful foundation, allowing for easy expansion. The use of glass is also a nice touch, lending it a more futuristic look than other builds.

14. Another Modern House Design w/Pool

How to Build a MODERN HOUSE with POOL! [Minecraft] EASY - Tutorial

Designed by BBlocks, this modern house has a larger focus on the pool part of the building, complete with a diving board housed on the second floor. BBlocks also makes use of more than one type of wood, allowing for greater contrast not just in the modern aspect, but the more natural parts of the build, as well.

15. Simple Starter Modern House Idea

Minecraft : How to Build Starter Modern House Tutorial (#10)

Designed by heyimrobby, this build is skewed more towards beginners—though that notion may be somewhat at odds with the requisite access to the nether. Still, though, this compact, two floor design offers an easy build, made more accessible through its comparatively sparse use of materials.

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