26 Cool Minecraft Builds You Have to See

Minecraft BuildsNeed some inspiration for your next minecraft build? In this post, we’ve highlighted 26 of the coolest minecraft creations ever built.

When Minecraft was first released, few would have guessed how popular of a game it would have become. Reaching practically every platform that you can imagine, Minecraft has been enjoyed by millions of players over the years.

In fact, just within the month of its beta release the game received over a million purchases. With its unique and extremely creative build mode, players have taken it upon themselves to create some of the most mind-boggling structures ever seen. This article will list out some of the most incredible Minecraft creations ever made. (At least, so far…)

1. Minecraft Middle Earth

Mind-blowing Recreation Of The Entire Middle Earth In Minecraft!

There’s a couple of Lord of the Rings themed builds listed below, but nothing compares to Minecraft Middle Earth… the team behind Minecraft Middle Earth recreated Middle Earth in its entirety in Minecraft and its open for anyone to explore. If you’ve ever wanted to jump into Middle Earth, this is one of the coolest ways to do so.

2. Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City

[4K] Cyberpunk Project - Minecraft Timelapse by Elysium Fire + DOWNLOAD

You could play Cyberpunk 2077, or you could play Cyberpunk 2077 in Minecraft. If you’re tired of playing the real Cyberpunk 2077, you could always just jump into the Minecraft version as Elysium Fire offers their Night City project as a free download on Planet Minecraft.

3. The Eiffel Tower

Minecraft Eiffel Tower [DOWNNLOAD]

Sometimes you just need to bring the world’s greatest landmarks closer to you. That’s what MJSeyone did with this rendition of a Minecraft Eiffel Tower. The attention to detail is extraordinary. With each arch and careful slope crafted into the familiar shapes we know, this tower is impressive. They also took the time to craft the surrounding area into the familiar park that rests around the Eiffel Tower. Visit the best of France through Minecraft!

4. King’s Landing

WesterosCraft Walks Episode 72: King's Landing Part 1  |  Welcome to Kings Landing

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, then this is one map that you need to visit. Crafted by 175 different creators over two and a half years, King’s Landing is officially finished. It is, perhaps, one of the most impressive builds Minecraft has ever seen. Attention to detail is obvious with every individual house as well as the famous landmark of the Red Keep standing proudly on Aegon’s High Hill. Bring your sword!

5. Sonic The Hedgehog

Minecraft Sonic The Hedgehog

Made by FVDisco in 2012, the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog game saw its own revitalization through Minecraft. The creator made a series of platforms with familiar speed jumps and super springs and other nostalgic Sonic puzzles. With a challenge to post the best time on a run, many players have been enjoying racing their friends and reliving the fun of Sonic. For those who want to play a game inside of a game, this creation cannot be beaten.

6. Disneyland

Have you ever wanted to go to Disney but just couldn’t afford their ridiculous tickets? Well, thanks to GamerKM, now you can explore the Happiest Place on Earth without ever leaving your computer. This expansive map has quite a few different memorable landmarks that Disney lovers will immediately recognize. They also provided a skin pack that includes some of the Disney characters, so you can even get those family photos with your favorite Disney characters.

7. Minas Tirith

Huge Minecraft Minas Tirith by Fishyyy

Before Game of Thrones and King’s Landing, people loved Lord of the Rings. That love was recreated by Fishyyy in their careful construction of Gondor’s capitol city, Minas Tirith. Created by just one person, this build took an impressive 22 hours and 20 minutes to finish. From the familiar white gate to the towering cliffside the palace is built into, the entire structure and city are incredible to behold. It took around six million blocks to craft.

8. Rapture From Bioshock

Ein's PA Minecraft Server: Welcome to Rapture, Part 1

Perhaps one of the best games ever made, Bioshock introduced many players to the underground city of sin and brilliance known as Rapture. As if this city wasn’t difficult enough to build underwater in itself, JamSessionEin went ahead and built the city of Rapture in Minecraft underwater, too. Considering that building can be difficult on land, the fact that he created a detailed and authentic version of the city underwater is just insane and wonderful.

9. Earth

Minecraft Earth 1:1500 scale version 2 ! (Major differences)

Although it doesn’t sprout the fine detail of some of the cities that have been covered, LetsLente creation of a 1:1500 scale of planet Earth is astounding. Built on a satisfying cube, planet Earth has never looked better. The creator handcrafted many of the famous rivers that run across the world like the Mississipi, Nile, and Danube. They even included Mount Everest. So, if you want a quick tour of the Earth, open up Minecraft.

10. Space Shuttle

Minecraft Creation Spotlight - Space Shuttle & Base!

Although shuttle liftoffs are few and far between these days, you can still experience the thrill of a shuttle and its base by viewing the creation made by Corpeh. This astounding build consists of a large base with secret rooms and easter eggs that all lead to the landing pad where the huge shuttle awaits. You can even take the elevator up to the cockpit of the shuttle in preparation for a real live take-off.

11. The Black Pearl

Minecraft Xbox BLACK PEARL Pirate ship Structure Build creation showcase review

Fans of pirates, and more specifically Pirates of the Caribbean, can raise their mugs of rum in a toast to DemonZombie’s build of the Black Pearl. The detail is incredible for this build from the window panes to the carefully constructed skull on the front of the ship. Even the sails, cannons, and pirate flag have been carefully recreated to an incredible element of detail. You can also go inside the ship and experience the Captain’s cabin.

12. Working Computer

[Minecraft Computer Engineering] - Quad-Core Redstone Computer v4.0 [200 sub special!]

With an ability to use the element known as redstone in Minecraft, players have been able to introduce electricity to their builds. One player, legomasta99, took that to the next level. He created a working computer within the game. The computer has 28.168kbytes total memory and 31 bytes of dual-read RAM. With numerous programs loaded into the computer, you can watch in astonishment and awe as the computer runs those programs within the world of Minecraft.

13. Mines Of Moria

Minecraft: Mines of Moria-- No hacks!

Another staple of the Lord of the Rings universe is the dreaded Mines of Moria. Created by ebglminecraft and their team, this build took eight days to create. Most impressively, they did so without using any hacks or cheats. Instead, they went through the rough and gruff of numerous pics breaking and having to utilize resources. It was worth it, however, as their rendition of the Mines of Moria looks absolutely stunning. You can expect a Balrog to show up at any moment.

14. Babylonia

Babylon by Roi_Louis [Minecraft Cinematic 1080p]

Although historians have only a subjective idea of what Babylonia looked like in its heyday, creator Roi_Louis took their imaginings and then expanded on it in their version of Babylon in Minecraft. The city is extremely impressive with detail etched in every block. Sphinxes, waterfalls, and foliage span throughout the city making it look like an ancient city of grandeur that it was said to be. From the colorful bazaar to the elaborate palace, this creation is astounding.

15. Battlestar Galactica

Minecraft Battlestar Galactica scale 1/1

A much-beloved show, Battlestar Galactica reached Minecraft when creator Scabean built a massive 1:1 scale of the famous ship. With a length of 1450 blocks, a width of 546 blocks, a height of 185 blocks, and with the familiar emblems imprinted exactly where fans expect it to be, this love project should be appreciated by all Galactica fans. You can roam over every inch of the huge build and prepare for a good time in space.

16. Cologne Cathedral

Minecraft - Cologne Cathedral in Germany - Gothic Cathedral

For architecture or historian lovers, one of the sights you must behold is this creation by DivineMedicus of the famous Cologne Cathedral Germany. With the towering angel statues on either side of the cathedral and familiar gardens and fountains, you know immediately just where you are. Careful attention has been put into every detail to make sure that every spike and window pane is as accurate as can be. If that wasn’t enough, you can go inside, too, and enjoy the rich interior.

17. Medieval City

Minecraft - EPIC MEDIEVAL CITY! (Map Download)

Built by the Elysium Fire Build team, this massive medical city cannot be overlooked. From towering statues, detailed ships, flowering fields, and a bustling city, there is plenty to discover and explore in this map. Easter eggs are littered throughout the land, rewarding those who love to explore every corner. From the sheer level of detail to original design, there is much to be enjoyed on this map. Exploration could easily take days to finish.

18. Imperial Palace

Minecraft Epic Imperial Palace (based on the Brussels Palace of Justice)

Based on the Palace of Justice in Brussels, this Imperial Palace was created by Imperial City. With beautiful domes, golden statues, arching halls, you can practically feel the importance and history of the building from the recreation alone. Once inside, even the interior is made with acute detail, particularly within the domes. From the towering windows to the strong support columns, the palace is breathtaking. Your Minecraft experience isn’t complete without visiting this particular map.

19. The Tourist

THE TOURIST : a minecraft adventure map

For those who love beautiful builds with a good adventure, then this map created by stratocrafteur should be your cup of tea. Properly named the Tourist, this map puts you in the role of a tourist in France who uncovers a mystery. You’ll search through some of the famous landmarks in Montmartre all while feeling the pressure of the rising stakes in the story. Can you solve the mystery? This map is a powerful display of the creative freedom Minecraft players can utilize.

20. Acropolis

Minecraft Cinematic | "The Acropolis of Athens" | Theory III

Another ancient city carefully constructed with a bit of creative freedom mixed with historical fact is this Minecraft version of the Acropolis built by Gtofan74. The city was dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Athena. Beautiful wheat fields lead to an impressive and huge city. Temples dot the landscape along with a large coliseum for those who are itching to put their gladiator skills to the test. The cliffsides have been carefully carved to take the shape historians know it as to support the city above atop it.

21. Death Star Run

Minecraft - Star Wars - Death Star Run.

For those who have ever wanted to try their hand at making that one-in-a-million shot to destroy the Death Star, then creator Paradise Decay has made your dreams come true. They have painstakingly recreated the Death Star and fighter ships for you to pilot and destroy the Death Star. The detail is incredible within the trench that you have to fly within to fire your heroic shot. With the divets and cutouts made precisely, you feel as if you were actually in the trench of the Death Star.

22. The House From ‘UP’

Minecraft Creations - Up House [Zeppelin Mod]

If the film didn’t make you cry enough, you can now enjoy living in the same space as the characters from the movie UP. Creator Wipper has recreated the familiar home along with an assortment of attached balloons. If that wasn’t enough, the balloons actually allow the home to soar up into the sky. High above the map, you can fly in relative safety within the home and relive some of your favorite moments from the film.

23. Los Angelcraft

Minecraft - "LOS ANGELCRAFT" - Epic Minecraft City Inspired by Los Angeles - Map w/ Download - 2015

If the lure of Los Angeles has always appealed to you but you’ve never had the time or money to visit, then you can easily take a quick trip via this creator’s product. JerenVids has carefully created some of the most famous landmarks of the city, allowing you ample opportunities to explore the city at your leisure. With more buildings and locations being built, you can always expect to discover something new with every visit.

24. SS Augusta Victoria

[ OUTDATED ] Minecraft SS Augusta Victoria von Drash

Created with acute historical accuracy by Drash2005, the SS Augusta Victoria is an impressive build that was created with the same dimensions as the real ship. Besides looking astounding on the outside, the interior has been made as well to include a dining room, engine room, and even the Captain’s wheelhouse. Much can be explored on the ship, and you can also have yourself a bit of a history lesson about the real-life ship while you play.

25. Star Trek Enterprise

Episode 25: Minecraft World Tours (Huge Star Trek Enterprise)

For fans of Star Trek, you haven’t been left out either. Creator ArmyGuyMike68 put his love of Trek to the test by recreating the beloved ship. While it initially was merely a ship to be admired from the outside, he has since recreated interior rooms for fans to visit. The bridge of the ship is, perhaps, the most exciting location to visit and has been given superb justice. With plenty of other rooms to explore, players can easily spend quite some time uncovering all of its secrets.

26. Functional iPhone

Working IPHONE 7 In Minecraft

The brilliance of Craftonix allowed this actual working iPhone to be born in the world of Minecraft. Apps, games, and an actual working touch screen are all featured with this incredible build. You can customize the background as well as access the apps and play games on the phone. With this amount of detail and engineering at work, this iPhone creation is an absolutely incredible display of what Minecraft creativity can unleash.

Clearly, Minecraft has come a long way since its simple build a home, farm, and mining mindset. Players have made the game their own and gifted it to the rest of the players for them to enjoy. With Minecraft still in full swing, there is no telling what future builds and creations may look like, but you can be sure that they will likely be astounding and worth exploring every inch.

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