How To Slide In Fortnite (Quick Guide)

How to Slide in Fortnite

Sliding in Fortnite is one of the more recent additions to the game, having been brought in as part of the Chapter 3 update.

It’s a core component of the player’s moveset now, and these days it’s difficult to imagine playing Fortnite without the ability to slide!

Today, we’re taking a look at how to slide in Fortnite on all platforms, as well as everything else you should know about Fornite’s sliding mechanics.

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How To Slide In Fortnite—All Platforms

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to slide in Fortnite. There are no specific requirements you need to slide; all you need to do is sprint and then press down the crouch button. Here’s how you do it on each platform:

PC: Left Ctrl

Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S: Click the right analog stick

Nintendo Switch: Click the right analog stick

Playstation 4/5: Click the right analog stick

If you wish to rebind the slide function, it’s worth remembering that the crouch function shares the same key binding. There’s currently no way of key binding slide and crouch individually.

Sliding In Fortnite—Things You Should Know

As we’ve discussed, performing a slide in Fortnite is pretty simple. However, there’s a few things you should know to help you get the most out of the mechanic.

Firstly, sliding is most effective when you’re on a slope. The steeper the slope, the faster you’ll slide. When going downhill, you won’t lose momentum until you reach flat land or an ascending slope.

Sliding downhill is a great way to dodge enemy fire, get up close and personal in a fight, or evade the storm as it’s closing in. You won’t be able to slide when going uphill.

Sliding Downhill in Fortnite

Remember that you can shoot while sliding in Fortnite. This opens up a lot of different combat strategies, allowing you to engage and disengage more effectively, while also making your movement more difficult to predict during combat.

Shooting While Sliding in Fortnite

Sliding also makes it more difficult to hit. Not only do you move faster when sliding downhill, but you’re also a smaller target to shoot.

You can incorporate sliding into your building strategy. Creating ramps within your defenses can make it difficult for your opponents to predict your movements. Remember that it’s possible to build while sliding.

Building While Sliding

Finally, you’re able to open doors by sliding into them. Doors won’t ruin your momentum either, so sliding through them can result in a nasty surprise for your enemies!

Slide Through Doors

Sliding in Fortnite is easy to learn but hard to master. However, due to its versatility and unpredictability, utilizing the sliding mechanic to the fullest is worth it if you’re trying to become a better player.

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