How To Install WoW Addons

How To Install WoW Addons

In World of Warcraft, Addons are popular user-created mods that allow players to customize their game experience.

Although Addons aren’t officially created by Blizzard, most Addons are completely legal within WoW’s Terms of Service, so you shouldn’t worry about getting banned for downloading some for yourself.

You can do all sorts with WoW Addons, and tinkering around with them can be a lot of fun. You’ll be able to change your UI, get help with boss fights, perform your rotation better, track collectables, and much more.

Some WoW Addons are so popular that many players simply can’t play the game without them!

There are several different ways to install WoW Addons, but today we’re going to explain how to get Addons via CurseForge. This is one of the easiest, safest, and most popular methods of installing WoW Addons. Let’s take a look.

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How To Install WoW Addons Using CurseForge

Step 1: Download the CurseForge app

Head to the CurseForge website and click ‘CurseForge App’ on the main navigational menu. Then, click the orange ‘Download’ button.

Download the CurseForge App

Follow the steps provided by the installation wizard. Once the CurseForge app has been installed, click ‘Launch’. You’ll get a little introduction from the app, and then you’re ready to start installing WoW Addons!

Step 2: Select World of Warcraft

Once you’re inside the CurseForge app proper, you’ll find a dashboard featuring lots of different games. These are all the games CurseForge supports, but you’ll obviously want to select World of Warcraft. The app should automatically recognise that you’ve got WoW installed on your computer.

Select World of Warcraft

Step 3: Browse for addons

Once you’ve selected WoW, you’ll be able to start browsing for Addons. Click the ‘Browse For Addons’ button to get started (Note: If you want WoW Classic Addons, simply select the Classic client from the dropdown menu at the top-right of this page).

Browse for Addons

Once you’ve clicked the button, you’ll be able to see the most popular Addons, check out new releases, and browse Addons by category.

Available WoW Addons

For more information about a particular Addon, simply click on it and you’ll be presented with a detailed information page. If there’s a specific Addon you’re after, use the search bar function at the top.

Step 4: Installing your Addon

Installing an addon is super simple. Just select the one you want to install and click the ‘Install’ button.

Installing Your WoW Addons

Wow Addons are generally pretty small files, so the installation shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Once the Addon has been successfully installed, you should be able to see it under the ‘My Addons’ tab. If you’d like to install more Addons, you can do so under the ‘Get More Addons’ tab.

List of Your WoW Addons

Congratulations! You’ve now installed your first Addon and you’re ready to use it in-game. To check an Addon has installed correctly, open up WoW and look at the bottom-left of the character selection screen. You should see a button marked ‘AddOns’.

By clicking that button, you should be able to see a list of all the Addons you installed via CurseForge. You can disable Addons from this menu, too.

List of Addons in WoW

Keeping Your WoW Addons Up To Date

When WoW gets updated, you may find that your Addons stop functioning properly. It’s nothing to worry about; your Addons just need updating. Most popular Addons will have an update ready on patch day, but you might find you need to wait a day or two for all of your favorite Addons to get an update.

Some Addons will work when they’re out of date, but it’s best to update them whenever there’s a new version available. You’ll need to tick ‘Load out of date AddOns’ in the WoW client if you want to use Addons that haven’t been updated for the current patch.

Thankfully, updating Addons through CurseForge is incredibly easy. If there’s an Addon with an update available, it’ll be clearly marked as out of date under the ‘My Addons’ tab on the app. To update it, simply click ‘Update’.

If you’ve got a lot of Addons in need of updating, the handy ‘Update All’ option will save you a lot of clicks!

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