The 20 Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

Farms are an important part of Minecraft. A really important part. Whether it’s a simple crop farm, a mob farm, or anything in between, the near infinite ways to automate tasks (making resource gathering easier …

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The 18 Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

While Minecraft isn’t known for being particularly difficult, there remains a fair number of early game hurdles. The biggest of these is arguably food acquisition: While there’s a multitude of different food sources—rendering hunger a …

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The 15 Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

While Minecraft is doubtlessly best known for its near-infinite sandbox world, the scale of the world itself can be pretty difficult to grasp sometimes. There’s nothing that embodies this more than the giant, sprawling castle …

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15 Best Modern Minecraft House Ideas

Modern Minecraft House Ideas

While Minecraft may have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years—in large part thanks to a slow but steady update pace—past updates have still left their mark on the voxel-based sandbox game. Perhaps the …

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15 Best Minecraft Base Ideas

Best Minecraft Base Ideas

Minecraft has always been something of an enigma in the world of gaming. Despite falling out of the limelight around 2013, the game has since been given a new lease on life, attracting both new …

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