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The 18 Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

While Minecraft isn’t known for being particularly difficult, there remains a fair number of early game hurdles. The biggest of these is arguably food acquisition: While there’s a multitude of different food sources—rendering hunger a non-issue in later stages of the game—it can prove to be a serious issue early on in a world’s lifespan.

As a kid, I remember playing with my brother and repeatedly throwing myself off a cliff just to reset my hunger. Our go-to remedy was almost always to build a farm, as it’s almost always the most accessible option.

And despite the danger of starving being a decidedly early game issue, having easy access to a large amount of crops is helpful in the late game as well, considering the value of villager trades—mending books in particular.

If you’re looking to build one of your own, we’ve listed some of the best Minecraft farm tutorials on YouTube down below.

Do you have an awesome modern Minecraft farm design? Have you put together a tutorial on how to build it, or a YouTube video that shows it off? Send us a link to it in the comment section below and we’ll consider featuring it in this post! Also, please consider subscribing to these YouTuber’s channels as they have put in some real effort in bringing you these tutorials.

1. Easy Semi-Automatic Crop Farm

Minecraft How to Make an EASY Semi-Automatic Crop Farm 1.18+ Tutorial

Made by Narkonax, this is one of the easier farm setups around. While it’s only semi-automatic (whereas others on this list are fully automatic), the simplicity of the design itself makes it accessible at any stage of the game. Furthermore, while simple, many other farm designs build off of the same principle, making this a useful foundation either way.

2. Fully Automatic Villager Crop Farm

Minecraft Villager Crop Farm: Fully Automatic Tutorial 1.16

The first of many villager-based farms, this simple farm by Mysticat takes advantage of villagers, meaning you’ll have to be okay with enslaving a couple AI to make use of this design (it’s alright, they’re not real). It’s worth noting that it takes a little bit for this farm to be ready, due to the villagers need to fill up their inventory—but once it’s finished, you’ll have easy access to food and trading materials.

3. Minecraft Crop Farm Tutorial

Minecraft Crop Farm Tutorial 1.18 Java and Bedrock fully automatic

The first fully automatic farm on the list, this design by abfielder takes the previous villager-powered farm and cranks it up a notch. While you’ll still have to wait for villagers to fill up their inventory, this farm is easily expanded, making it an ideal investment for midgame worlds.

4. Easy Villager Potato & Carrot Farm

Minecraft Easy Villager Potato/Carrot Farm - 700+ Per Hour

While not as large as the previous entry, this villager-powered farm by Shulkercraft is significantly smaller than other similar designs, reducing the resource cost, and making it more easily accessible. This smaller size means it’s also easily expanded, and won’t take up as much space as other, larger farms.

5. Easy Auto Wheat Farm

Minecraft 1.18 EASY Auto Wheat Farm Tutorial! [Works with carrots, potato, beetroot] [REMAKE]

Reminiscent of the first entry on this list, this design by quinnybagzMC foregoes the more complex redstone circuits, instead making use of a one level, three layer design. While you’ll still need to manually press a button to harvest the crops, this simple design is easily accessible at any point of the game.

6. Easy Carrot & Potato Crop Farm

Easy Carrot & Potato Crop Farm Tutorial | Simply Minecraft (Java Edition 1.17/1.18)

Made by LogicalGeekBoy, this tutorial video is more in-depth than some others, offering a complete list of the required materials before starting the build itself. This is also noticeably smaller than some others, making it a much shorter and easier investment.

7. Compact Farm Idea

Minecraft: Compact Farm Tutorial

As you might infer from the video title, this farm by disruptive builds focuses on being as compact as possible, while remaining visually pleasant—something that’s not accounted for by many others on this list. While small, it still has three separate floors, giving it a decent crop yield each time.

8. Easy Micro Crop Farm Design

EASY Micro Crop Farm (Minecraft Java)

While most automatic farms these days make use of villagers or complex redstone, this older design by EagleEye621 works off the player. It requires quite a bit of bonemeal, but if you’re willing to take advantage of an autoclicker, this is a good way to get the most out of your world if you need to step away from the computer for a while.

9. Fully Automatic Early-Game Farm

Minecraft FULL AUTO Crop Farm - Early Game, Stackable

Most other villager-powered farms use more “premium” materials like smooth stone, this design by Champman Farms just uses plain wooden fences. While this means you’ll have to take extra care to make sure the villagers don’t interfere with each other, it also makes stacking new layers on top of the old ones easier.

10. All-in-One Crop Farm

Minecraft Full Auto Emerald Generator - ALL IN ONE CROP FARM

Another entry by Champman, this design does away with the fence design, instead focusing on covering as much ground as possible, while offering crop yields of all kinds. While the collection system is more complex than others, the video is created in survival mode, making it fairly easy to follow all the same.

11. Automatic Crop Farm Tutorial

EASIEST 1.18 AUTOMATIC CROP FARM TUTORIAL in Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE/Xbox/PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC)

Another design that hinges on the use of an autoclicker, this design by JC Playz throws more redstone into the mix, using a piston and repeater as the collection method, as opposed to water or another dispenser. Keep in mind that these designs are meant to be used in tandem with other farms, and not your only source of crops.

12. Super Crop Farm Design

SUPER CROP FARM! | The Minecraft Guide - Tutorial Lets Play (Ep. 22)

Seen in wattles’ Let’s Play, this is the first bee-powered farm on the list. While it doesn’t yield as many crops as quickly as others on the list, it’s one of the more visually pleasing. It also wins bonus points for the simple novelty of a wildlife powered farm.

13. Automatic Wheat Farm Idea

Automatic Wheat Farm Minecraft 1.18/ 1.17 | Fully Auto Wheat Farm Tutorial

Designed by Dusty Dude, this farm focuses on maximizing the yield of one specific crop: In this case, wheat. While the showcased design is massive, it’s easy to lighten the burden by simply removing layers (which also means it’s easily expandable). There’s also some smaller templates, letting you pick and choose which one you prefer.

14. Easiest Fully Automatic Villager Crop Farm

The Easiest Fully Automatic Minecraft Villager Crop Farm 1.16+

While similar to other designs, this tutorial by Mysticat focuses on walking through the necessary redstone to power villager-based farms, and how it integrates into different designs. The all blue building surface is a bit disorienting at first, but proves to be useful in showing off the specifics of the used redstone. Should you choose to forgo the minecart system, this can also function as a villager breeder.

15. Micro Villager Crop Farm Design

How To Build a Micro Villager Crop Farm - 2.5k+ Carrot/Potato p/hr - Minecraft 1.18

This tutorial by Juras6x (though the farm was designed by docm77) combines the automatic nature of villager farms and the speed of micro farms. Villagers placed in tiny cells harvest crops grown at their feet, while bonemeal-filled dispensers automatically regrow them as they’re harvested. The result is an insane crop yield that doesn’t take up much space—even if it does take a ton of bonemeal.

16. Minecraft Semi-Auto Crop Farm

Minecraft Semi-Auto Crop Farm TUTORIAL - Auto Harvest, Storage & Sorting

Another design by disruptive builds, this semi-automatic farm combines his flair for visual design with the ease of semi-automatic farms. This build is also designed with expandability in mind, meaning players can easily add more floors, storage, and sorting circuits as needed.

17. Easy Wheat Farm Design

Minecraft 1.18 EASY Auto Wheat Farm Tutorial | Works with Carrots, Potato, Beetroot |

While labeled as a wheat farm, this design by quinnybagsMC serves as a good template for expansion. It also has the advantage of only needing a single villager at first, and offers a good look at how the collection system for these sorts of farms works.

18. Fastest-Growing Minecraft Farm

Bee Powered Crop Farm Tutorial! | Fastest Crop Growth, Honeycomb Farm

Another bee-powered farm by wattles, this design focuses less on being visually pleasing, and more on being as efficient as possible. While it won’t work as fast as other farms on this list, it comes with the added bonuses of harvesting honeycombs—a useful material that is otherwise hard to obtain on a regular basis.

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