The 15 Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

While Minecraft is doubtlessly best known for its near-infinite sandbox world, the scale of the world itself can be pretty difficult to grasp sometimes. There’s nothing that embodies this more than the giant, sprawling castle builds scattered around the internet.

As a kid, I remember trying to build one—and getting so frustrated that I just gave up part of the way through. Looking back, the biggest issue was the fact that I tried to wing it—work through everything on my own.

To help you avoid that same mistake, we’ve listed some of the best ideas/tutorials down below. Keep in mind that these sorts of massive builds are resource intensive—it’s best to wait until you’re late into the world’s lifespan to attempt them.

Do you have an awesome Minecraft castle design? Have you put together a tutorial on how to build it, or a YouTube video that shows it off? Send us a link to it in the comment section below and we’ll consider featuring it in this post! Also, please consider subscribing to these YouTuber’s channels as they have put in some real effort in bringing you these tutorials.

1. Medieval Minecraft Castle Tutorial

Minecraft: How to Build a Medieval Castle | Huge Medieval Castle Tutorial - Part 1

This is the first of a long series-style tutorial made by BlueNerd Minecraft. While the length of both the individual videos themselves and the series may be off-putting at first, there’s good reason for it; this thing is massive. The castle itself is huge, but the series also features a surrounding village, complete with a large piece of farmland.

2. Minecraft Castle Base Tutorial

【Minecraft】 Castle Base Tutorial

While still on the larger side, this castle-style Minecraft base by JINTUBE is noticeably smaller than the previous entry, making it more suitable for the early game. It’s also skewed more towards being a base of operations, foregoing the immediately noticeable grandeur of other builds on this list.

3. Blackstone Medieval Castle

Minecraft: How to build a Blackstone Medieval Castle | Tutorial

The first of many builds on this list created by Stevler, this build relies almost solely on blackstone, meaning you’ll have to spend a lot of time in the Nether if you want to replicate it. Still, though, the darker atmosphere provided by the material choice is well worth it.

4. Minecraft Castle Tutorial

How To Make a Minecraft Castle (Minecraft Tutorial)

Rather than a full-blown tutorial, this shorter video put together by Grian serves as more of a template, offering a foundation to build off of. It helps that the build itself is also simple, using the same design for all 4 walls—meaning it’s also easy to expand on later down the line.

5. Medieval Diorite Castle Design

Minecraft: How to build a Medieval Diorite Castle | Tutorial

Another entry by Stevler, this Diorite medieval-style castle is the direct antithesis of the previous blackstone castle. While it follows a similar layout, it’s built into and on top of a hillside- leading it to focus more on height, rather than foundation size.

6. Survival Starter Castle Idea

Minecraft | How to Build a Survival Starter Castle (Tutorial)

Another, smaller castle, this starter castle by Minecraft Fantasy Builds is perfect if you’re looking to nail that medieval style early in the game. A “starter castle” may be at odds with itself, but the small size of this build makes it perfect for an early base. Since it primarily uses stone and wood, the resources themselves are also easy to gather.

7. Purple Castle Tutorial

Purple Castle Tutorial | Minecraft 1.18.1

One of the more striking color palettes on this list, yes im jess’ purple castle design combines the patchy white of diorite with a variety of purple blocks. The end result is a more futuristic looking build, though it retains the medieval layout of other builds.

8. Full Minecraft Castle Tutorial

How to Build a Minecraft Castle from Start to Finish! - Medieval Castle Let's Build Guide/Tutorial!

This tutorial by BodhiMC makes use of many different stone types, giving it a cobbled-together, patchwork feel—perfect for medieval style builds. The interior has been left largely blank, leaving the player free to repurpose it however they may want. This build caters more to mid-game players, with a more modest size.

9. Another Minecraft Castle Tutorial

Minecraft: How to build a Medieval Castle | Tutorial

Yet another entry by Stevler, this Medieval Castle build makes use of more common materials- mainly stone and wood. Despite making use of simple materials, the build itself really nails the medieval look. The spires themselves have also interlock, leaving every part of the castle easily accessible.

10. Minecraft Castle w/Moat Tutorial

Minecraft: How to Build a CASTLE | Minecraft Building Ideas

Another small build, this castle designed by One Team is probably the smallest on this list, making it perfect for an early castle-styled base. Despite its small size, it’s one of the few builds on this list to feature a moat, and the farm area on the roof means it’s really using every bit of space available.

11. Fantasy Castle Design

Minecraft How to Build a Fantasy Castle (Tutorial)

One of the more stylized builds on the list, this fantasy castle by LionCheater looks like it came straight out of a fantasy novel. It owes this fantastical look to the choice of materials—the white and pink highlights mesh well with the white body, and the use of foliage really makes it look like the home of elves.

12. Enormous Minecraft Castle Design

Minecraft How to Build a Huge Castle (Tutorial)

A second entry from LionCheater, this “Huge Castle” really lives up to its name. With two sets of walls, it has two separate courtyards, and comes with not only a guard room, but a massive throne room—perfect for enjoying the fruits of your labor afterwards.

13. Blackstone Castle Tutorial

Minecraft: How to build a  Blackstone Castle | Tutorial

Once again by Stevler, this iteration of the Blackstone Castle- while certainly reminiscent of the previous one, it eliminates the spires, shortening it and making it substantially easier to build. It also almost exclusively uses materials from the Nether, making it look as if the world has been invaded by the Nether’s hellish residents.

14. Taller Castle Idea

How to Make a MEDIEVAL CASTLE in Minecraft!

Designed by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT, this castle build focuses more on height than width. While the video itself is a steep time investment at 5 hours long, the tutorial itself is detailed, and puts a lot of care into making sure that the towering central spire doesn’t look out of place.

15. Deepslate Island Castle Tutorial

Minecraft: How to build a Deepslate Castle | Tutorial 1.17

One last build by Stevler to end off the list, this Deepslate Castle design is my personal favorite. While on the smaller side compared to others on this list (in large part thanks to its placement on an island), it’s still a very complete build, with a courtyard, an outdoor stable, and a guard tower.

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