How To Tame A Boar In Fortnite

How To Tame A Boar In Fortnite

As of Chapter 2, Season 6, players are able to tame a variety of local wildlife in Fortnite. Taming a boar can offer unique advantages to the player, due to their aggression towards pretty much anything that gets close to them.

Boars can take quite a bit of damage before they die, and they’ll also charge enemy players to give them one more thing to think about during a fig.

Now, as we enter Chapter 3, Season 3, players can also ride the boars they’ve tamed, leading to even more exciting opportunities.

Tamed Board in Fortnite

It’s not particularly difficult to tame a boar in Fortnite, but there are a few steps you need to take to get a prized pig of your very own.

How To Find a Boar In Fortnite

Boars are a fairly common sight on the island, and they’re pretty easy to find as long as you know where to look. You’ll usually be able to spot one roaming around any woodland or farmland biomes.

Find Boards Near Daily Bugle

We’ve found numerous boars in the forest surrounding The Daily Bugle area of the island, so we’d recommend starting your hunt there.

Preparing To Tame The Boar

Previously, players were required to use fruit or vegetables to tame a boar. As of Chapter 3, Season 3, this is no longer the case. However, taming a boar is still easier if you have fruit or veg in your inventory.

Tame Boards with Fruit or Vegetables

Apples, corn, cabbages, and mushrooms can all be foraged for without too much trouble. Produce Boxes are also a good source of Foraged Items, and can usually be found in shops, cafes, and kitchens.

Taming The Boar

With fruit or veg equipped, approach a boar and aim your throw. Once you’ve lined up your shot, throw the food to distract the boar. It won’t be able to resist the prospect of a delicious meal, so while it’s distracted, simply sneak up behind the boar and jump on top of it.

Feeding the Boar

Once you’ve successfully tamed the boar, red and pink hearts will appear above its head. Now you can enjoy the company of a porcine companion as you charge into battle. While atop your mount, you’ll still be able to shoot, build, chop, jump, and sprint.

Riding Boar in Fortnite

The boar will stay loyal to you even after dismounting, happily following you around as you go about your business. To get back on it, simply interact with it.

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