18 Best Minecraft Bridge Ideas

Best Minecraft Bridge Ideas

You spend a lot of time going back and forth in Minecraft. Whether it’s from base to base, island to island, or anything in between, you’ll end up spending a lot of time just walking.

Things change once you obtain an Elytra, but obtaining one is a long, arduous process in itself—not to mention a risky one.

And because of the way that Minecraft generates terrain, some of the coolest builds and bases end up spanning multiple naturally-generated landmarks. This makes bridges a necessity in some cases.

Even after obtaining an Elytra, the material cost of fireworks is enough to dissuade players from using them at every possible moment. Castles are also common end-game builds, and often include bridges—whether for functional or aesthetic purposes.

Even if you’re simply island (or even river) hopping, having a bridge can save you a lot of headache in the long run. Having aesthetically pleasing designs is always a plus, too. As with anything design related, it helps to have a reference of some sort—so we’ve gathered some of the best Minecraft bridge designs out there.

Most of them may be small, but there’s some large-scale ones included as well.

Do you have an awesome Minecraft Bridge design? Have you put together a tutorial on how to build it, or a YouTube video that shows it off? Send us a link to it in the comment section below and we’ll consider featuring it in this post! Also, please consider subscribing to these YouTuber’s channels as they have put in some real effort in bringing you these tutorials.

1. Variety of Minecraft Bridge Designs

Minecraft Build School: Bridges!

While not an outright design or build, this video from Hermitcraft member Grian’s “Build School” series helps set the foundation for a wide variety of designs. Ranging from massive medieval-styled bridges to a simple rope bridge, even if you don’t outright copy these builds, there’s definitely something in here for everyone.

2. Small Minecraft Bridge Idea

Minecraft: How To Build a Bridge (Tutorial)

Starting off simple (and small), this design by Melthie might be tiny, but it has a lot going for it. There’s certainly some irony in seeing how campfires are most often used as a texture block, rather than their intended purpose. There’s also some neat tricks used—like placing darker wood to make the pillars appear wet.

3. Aged Bridge Design

Minecraft | How to Build a Bridge

A slightly different take on the tutorial video category, this guide by Zaypixel includes a cute little short story in it as well. It’s similar to the previous design by Melthie, but goes for a more aged look, using mossy stone blocks to really give it that worn-down, rugged look.

4. Medieval Stone Bridge Design

Minecraft: How to Build a Medieval Stone Bridge!

This medieval design by Master Majesty is larger than the previous two, but not so large that you’ll find yourself struggling for resources. The use of many different types of stone really gives it that cobbled-together look that was common in the Medieval era. The build being completed in survival mode makes it easier to follow along, as well.

5. Easy Minecraft Bridge Idea

Minecraft: How to Build a Simple Bridge (Tutorial)

Returning to small and simple, this tutorial by thewalkingwhale is probably the most simple, and easiest design to throw together yourself. Despite its simplicity and small size, the detail captured through use of vegetation and different types of wood make it stand out, even among its competitors.

6. Brooklyn Bridge in Minecraft

How to build The Brooklyn Bridge in Minecraft | Tutorial

Turning real-world architectural monuments into Minecraft builds has always held a solid niche. This take on the Brooklyn Bridge by Black Beanie Gaming is the first “gigantic” build on this list. The video itself is long, but super in-depth, covering everything down to the finest detail. Should you wish to build this yourself, however, be warned—it’ll take a lot of time, and a lot of resources.

7. Small Wooden Bridge Design

Minecraft Tutorial ► How To Build A Small Wooden Bridge (EASY)

Returning to small and simple once again, this is YouTuber Mr Mirror’s take on such a build. While it makes similar use of campfires, it differentiates itself through use of fences and trapdoors. The use of trapdoors on the roof is particularly ingenious, giving the build a more natural feel.

8. Cottagecore Fairy Bridge Design

Fairy Bridge Tutorial 🧚✨ | Cottagecore Minecraft | Aesthetic

As the name suggests, this design by Cherie Luna is more suited for fantasy-style builds. It owes this aesthetic to heavy use of foliage; from both mossy stone and outright foliage-type blocks. If you enjoy using data and/or modpacks, there’s different iterations for a few of the more common ones as well.

9. Another Great Bridge Tutorial

Minecraft | BIG BRIDGE (How to Build: Relaxing Tutorial)

Despite having “BIG” in the title, this tutorial by Minecraft Therapy is really more of a moderately-sized bridge. Still, though, the design itself is nice, and focuses more on having a one-off overhang than a full blown roof. The use of barrels and trapdoors to add detail to the pillars is a nice touch, as well.

10. Another Great Minecraft Bridge Design

Minecraft: How to build a Bridge [Tutorial]

One of the more industrial-style designs on this list, Yohey the Android’s bridge makes use of more refined materials to give it a more man-made aesthetic. It may look a bit out of place in a more nature-based setting, but would no doubt blend in perfectly within a more industrial landscape.

11. Stone Bridge Design

Minecraft: How to Build a Stone Bridge [Tutorial] 2020

Arguably the simplest build on the list, this tutorial by Spudetti is short and to the point. It’s made of stone, and uses overhanging lanterns to give it an old-age London vibe. The simplicity of the build makes it easy to build it out of other materials as well. Pick your poison!

12. Minecraft Rope Bridge Idea

How to Build a Rope Bridge in Minecraft

Despite being something of a thrill-seeker, I hate rope bridges. There’s just something about the unsteadiness that turns me away from them. Luckily, that’s not a factor in Minecraft. I’ve used this design by andyisyoda in my own world; it’s a perfect fit for bases built on top of, or even into mountains.

13. Working Drawbridge Design

Minecraft: How to Build a Working Drawbridge

If you’re anything like me (or, really, the average Minecraft player), you’re terrible at redstone. Which sucks, because there’s a lot you can do with it. Luckily, people like Mysticat make easy to understand tutorials, like this one covering a working drawbridge. Just make sure you pay attention to the restrictions!

14. Large Bridge Idea

Large Bridge Tutorial Minecraft

Reminiscent of Master Majesty’s Medieval design, this iteration by S24Ryan yields a more industrialized look, while still retaining a more medieval color palette. The tutorial is short and easy to follow, and the simple foundation makes the build easier to expand or scale up.

15. Epic Minecraft Bridge Design

The Most EPIC Bridge in the History of Minecraft

More of a showcase than a how-to, this video by McMakistein makes use of command blocks—something not normally attainable in survival mode. Still, the build itself is too cool to not mention, and it shows just how much is possible within the game itself.

16. Golden Gate Bridge in Minecraft

How to Build the Golden Gate Bridge in Minecraft | Tutorial

Another real-life structure turned cube by Black Beanie Gaming, this time covering what is possibly the most famous of them all: the Golden Gate Bridge. The video may be long, but it’s a faithful representation. Just like the Brooklyn Bridge before, though, be sure you have the time and resources if you really want to build this.

17. Blackstone Bridge Design

Minecraft 1.16.1 Survival Let's Play #23 - Blackstone Bridge

Showcased in Endavar’s Let’s Play, this is my personal favorite on the list. The choice of Blackstone makes material gathering both tedious and dangerous, but the result is an awesome design with an even more awesome color palette.

18. Modern Suspension Bridge Idea

Minecraft Tutorial:   How To Build An Awesome Modern Suspension Bridge   (Part 1)

Last but not least, this design by Hermitcraft member GoodTimesWithScar might be old, but it still holds up today. While it’s broken up into four separate videos, the end result is a beautiful design with a white-based color palette, making it look like something from the future.

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