How to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord

How to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord

Talking through text is a great way to communicate quickly and easily. But one of the disadvantages of conversing through writing, as opposed to speaking, is that it’s hard to properly convey emotion through text.

Thankfully, we have emoticons and emojis, which are a good way to help add some much-needed flavor and context to the conversation.

If you prefer using simple text-based emoticons over a graphical emoji, then you might want to send just that. But many modern chat apps, including Discord, have a tendency to automatically convert emoticons to emojis.

Alas, if you’re looking to disable this feature in Discord, then you’re in the right place. We’ll go over how to disable auto emojis on Discord.

Disabling Auto Emojis on Discord on PC

Disabling the auto emoji feature on Discord is easy. To do so, first open up the Discord desktop app. You can also do it from the website.

On the Discord app, go to Settings by going to the little gear icon at the bottom near your username.

Discord Settings

Once on Settings, look for and click on the Text & Images tab on the left.

Text & Images

On the Text & Images page, find the Automatically convert emoticons in your messages to emoji setting and toggle it to off.

Automatically convert emoticons in your messages to emoji

Now you should be able to send emoticons on Discord without having them automatically convert to emojis.

Disabling Auto Emojis on Mobile

If you’re looking to disable the auto emoji on Discord from a mobile device, unfortunately you can’t do it from the app. That leaves you with two choices:

  1. Change it from a PC
  2. Open Discord on a web browser from your mobile device.

These options are simple enough, but not everyone has access to a PC. That means you’ll need to use Discord in your mobile browser.

However, if you want to open Discord in a web browser from your phone, you can’t simply go to the website and use the browser version. That’s because on a mobile web browser, Discord’s website detects you’re using a mobile browser, and will prompt you to download the app from the app store.

Instead, when you’re on the Discord website in your mobile web browser, you’ll need to enable Desktop mode.

First, go to the Discord website in your mobile web browser. We’ll do this in Google Chrome, but the instructions should be similar in any other browser.

Now put it in Desktop mode. To put it in Desktop mode, tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen to bring up the settings menu.

Chrome Browser Settings

Now tap on the Desktop site option.

Desktop Site

Now you’ll see the Open Discord in your browser button. Go up to the top-right part of the page and tap on the Login button.

Login to Discord

Then sign in to Discord, and follow the same steps as above.

Discord Login

Disabling Auto Emojis on Discord for Single Messages

Sometimes you want to send a text emoji, but you don’t want to disable emojis on Discord globally. If you’re looking to disable the auto emoji feature for single messages, it’s easy.

Simply type a backslash {\} and then type your emoticon. So, like this:

backslash emoticon

This will tell Discord to ignore the auto emoji function for that instance, allowing you to use whatever emoticon you want without having to mess with the settings or disable the feature globally.

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