How to Change Your Age/Birthday on Discord

How to Change Your Age & Birthday on Discord

So you just created a new Discord account, but you accidentally put the wrong date of birth on your account. Or maybe you put in the wrong date on purpose, and now you want to change it.

Whatever the case, if you want to change your age/birthday on Discord, you can. But the process isn’t totally straightforward.

If you’re looking for how to change your age/birthday on Discord, keep reading. We’ll cover exactly how to do it.

How to Change Your Age and Birthday on Discord

If you want to change your age and birthday on Discord, you’ve got a couple of options. Let’s look at what you can do.

Contact Support

If you want to keep using your current Discord account, then you’ll need to contact support. However, contacting support to change your age and birthday means you’re required to provide photo ID (such as a driver’s license or state issued ID) so Discord can verify your age.

If you want to do that, then first, you’ll need to submit a request to Discord. You can do so by going to the following link:

On the Submit a Request page, you’ll see a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, select Trust & Safety.

Discord Trust & Safety

Now provide your Discord email, and under the How can we help? drop-down menu, select Appeals, age update, other questions.

Discord - Appeals, age update, other questions

Under the Appeals, age update, other questions heading, select Update my age information.

Discord Update Age Information

Under Your Date of Birth, type in your birthday.

Now you’ll need to take a picture of yourself holding your photo ID and a piece of paper that has your Discord username written on it. Once you’ve taken the picture, you’ll need to prepare to upload it.

Make sure to check the box under Please confirm that you have attached the required materials. You can choose not to check the box and upload the picture now, but Discord will either ask you for the proof later, or may simply ignore your request.

Then, under the Subject heading, put something like “Change birthday”. And in the Description box, you can put anything that relates to your request, such as “I accidentally input the wrong date when I signed up for my account and I want to change my birthday”.

Attach Proof of Age

Under the Attachments (optional) heading, this is where you’ll submit the picture you took with your Discord name and photo ID. Click on Add file or drop files here, and then select your picture.

Add drop files

Once you’ve done all of this, you can click the Submit button at the bottom to send your request to Discord.

Submit Age Change Request on Discord

How to Change Your Age on Discord Without an ID

If you want to change the age/birthday of your Discord account, but you don’t want to submit a picture of your ID, then the only way around that is to create a new account. While Discord asks you to input your age when signing up, they do not require any age verification when creating a new account, making this the only way to get around providing an ID.

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