How To Spectate In Fortnite

How To Spectate In Fortnite

If you’ve recently come back to Fortnite, you might notice that there isn’t an obvious way to spectate your friends. Back at the beginning of Chapter 3, Epic Games removed the ‘Watch Game’ feature, and while they never officially acknowledged its removal, it was likely because this form of spectating was resulting in griefing, cheating, and stream sniping, amongst other things.

Thankfully, there are still a few different ways you can spectate in Fortnite, whether that’s spectating friends, randoms, and even your own gameplay after a match. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to spectate in Fortnite as of Season 3, Chapter 3.

How To Spectate Friends In Fortnite

Spectating friends in Fortnite is still quite simple, there’s just a couple more hoops you need to jump through. Rather than being able to spectate anyone on your friends list at any time, you now need to join their lobby first.

Once you’ve joined a friend’s lobby, you’ll need to wait 30 seconds after the match starts. That doesn’t include the waiting area while the game finds additional players; the timer will begin once they’re on the bus.

Fortnite Battle Bus

This short delay is to make sure that you’re not helping your friend in real time whilst spectating, as it would be unfair to other players.

How To Spectate Randoms In Fortnite

Spectating random players in Fornite can be fun, especially when they’re particularly skilled or they’ve just owned you in a fight. The only way to spectate random players in-game, though, is to start a match and get eliminated.

Spectate Random

Once you’ve been eliminated, you are free to spectate whoever you’d like as long as they’re still alive in the match. Simply click the ‘Spectate’ button that appears when you die, and cycle through players at your leisure.

Can I Spectate My Own Gameplay In Fortnite?

Yes, it’s possible to rewatch your own gameplay in Fortnite. It’s common for players to watch back their gameplay if they’ve had a particularly good game, or they want to learn where they went wrong.

Doing so is pretty simple. You’ll need to navigate to the ‘Careers’ tab on the main menu at the top of your screen, and then click ‘Replays’. Here you’ll be able to find replays of your recent games, so simply select the one you want to watch, click play, and enjoy!

Rewatch Replays

One thing to remember; replays will become unplayable when the game gets updated. You’ll only be able to watch replays on the patch you’re currently playing.

Are There Any Other Ways To Spectate In Fortnite?

We’ve covered all the ways you can spectate Fortnite players in-game, but there are, of course, ways you can spectate elsewhere online. Many players stream Fortnite on popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

If your friends are up for steaming, these platforms are also a good way to spectate your friends whilst you’re not playing the game or at your computer.

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