Sihoo Doro S100 Review: Unique Lumbar Support Worth It?

Sihoo Doro S100 Review

We received the Sihoo Doro S100 about a month ago and have been sitting in it for ~8 hours per day for the last 30-days and we wanted to give you our thoughts on it.

This chair is unique in that it comes with a lumbar support system that you won’t find on other ergonomic office chairs.

Rather than a standard adjustable lumbar support system that typically comes on premium office chairs like Steelcase’s Leap, or on high-end gaming chairs like the Secretlab Titan, the Sihoo Doro S100 opts for two separate spring-attached panels that can flex back in forth to comform to your body, regardless of what position you’re sitting in.

The S100’s lumbar support is the standout feature on this chair and will really be the deciding factor on whether or not it is the right option for you.

But, before we get into what it’s like sitting in this chair, let’s go over some of its features and specifications, the unboxing and assembly experience, and the aesthetic features.

Check out the Doro S100 here.

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Features & Specifications

  • Price: $359.99
  • Dual Dynamic Lumbar Support System
  • 3-Directional Armrests
  • BIFMA & SGS Certified
  • 135-Degree Recline
  • 5cm Seath Depth Adjustment
  • Waterfall-Shaped Seat Cushion
  • Recline Lock Feature

Unboxing & Assembly

The chair was very easy to put together and all of the assembly instructions were straightforward and simple to follow.

In total, it probably took us around ~45 minutes to unbox and assemble the Sihoo Doro S100, but you could probably do it much faster as we had to set up shots for the unboxing video.

Check out the video above for the full unboxing and assembly process.


The S100 is available in an all-black color scheme and a mostly-white color scheme (the arm wrests on the white option are light gray.)

Black & White S100
You can get the Doro S100 in either the lighter/white/chrome color scheme, or an all-black and chrome color scheme.

Obviously, we opted for the all-black option.

S100 Chrome Wheel Base
The all-chrome wheelbase and the all black wheels are a nice contrast that adds to the look of the Doro S100.

The wheel base and the arm wrest base on both options are both chrome and the wheels are all black.

S100 Chrome Arm
The post that arm rest attaches to is also chrome-plated.

The Doro S100’s back brace and seat base have a futuristic-looking design that helps the chair stand out. And, with the dual panel lumbar support system and the mesh seat covering, the S100 is one of the more unique looking office chairs I’ve seen.

S100 Back
The S100’s back bracegives it a unique look that helps it stand out aesthetically from other office chairs.

Aesthetics will always be subjective, but overall, I like the design of the chair.

Support & Comfort

For frame of reference, I have been using Steelcase’s Leap office chair daily for about two years and, prior to that, had been sitting in a Secretlab Titan daily for ~5 years, and I still use it in our gaming room when I’m playing games with my kids.

Steelcase Leap
The Steelcase Leap has treated me very well for the past couple of years. However, it’s extreme price tag may not be worth it for some—especially when there are less expensive options out there that will offer similar levels of comfort and support.

The jump from the Titan to the Leap was a big one in terms of support and comfort. And, I say that despite the fact that the Titan was a solid overall chair. It just suffered from the confines of the typical racing-style gaming chair—and, when compared to a high-end ergonomic office chair like the Steelcase leap, the difference was noticeable.

Secretlab Titan Updated Review
I sat in the Secretlab Titan gaming chair for nearly five years and, while it was an exceptional chair for as far as racing style chairs go, it wasn’t the best option for daily sitting.

I think it’s important to point out prior sitting experience, because had I been sitting in a wooden dining room chair for the past twelve years, my point of view for this review would be skewed.

That being said, I was honestly surprised at how little difference I felt between going from the Leap to the Doro S100. My initial reaction to the switch was that the S100 felt like a lot lighter chair.

After 30 days of sitting in the Doro S100, I can’t say that there is any noticeable difference in terms of how comfortable it is and how much support it offers when comparing it to the Steelcase Leap.

And, the leap is a ~$1,300 chair and the Doro S100 comes in at just ~$360.

S100 Dual Lumbar Support
The dual lumbar support panels are the standout feature on the S100 and help it stand out over other similarly-priced ergonomic office chairs.

The S100’s mesh fabric cover is comfortable to sit in and the dual panel lumbar support system does the job well. In fact, I’d say that the lumbar support on the Doro S100 exceeds that of the lumbar support provided on the Leap.

With the spring-attached panels, the lumbar support moves as you move. This gives the S100 an advantage over the standard lumbar support systems found on most other chairs.

Doro S100 Lumbar Support Springs
The two springs that attach both of the lumbar support panels to the S100 offer a flexible lumbar support experience that you won’t find on any other chair.

Furthermore, the backrest can easily be adjusted to match your height and the seat base can be adjusted forwards and backwards up to 5cm (1.97) inches.

S100 Chair Back Panel Height Adjustment
The S100’s back panel can be adjusted upwards and downwards to fit your height.

All of these features combined to ensure that the S100 will comfortably support a variety of body types.

You can also recline the chair back as far as 135-degrees and you can lock it into place either fully upright, or at the maximum recline.

S100 Recline
The Doro S100 can be reclined back all the way to 135-degrees. It also has a tilt and lock feature that, when left unlocked, will allow you to rock back and forth in the chair.

Most modern office chairs come with the ability to unlock the tilt feature so that the chair can be rocked back and forth. I’m a big fan of this feature on chairs as being forced to sit with a rigid and upright back rest all day long would get extremely uncomfortable.

Minor Flaws

The S100 isn’t a perfect chair, though. Its arm rest adjustment features could be better. The height adjustment feature on the arms is a bit touchy. You have to raise it slowly and make sure it locks in at the desired level to raise the arms up. If you raise it too quickly, it releases and goes back to the lowest setting.

S100 Arm Rest Adjustment
The Doro S100 features arm rests that can adjust in three different directions, although Sihoo does market them as 4D (four directional) arm rests.

The arm rests are also marketed as 4-directional, which means they should be able to be adjust upwards and downwards, forwards and backwards, inwards and outwards, and at an angle.

However, these armrests do not slide inwards and outward. That isn’t a huge deal for me, but for someone with wider or narrower shoulders who needs the arm wrests to adjust inwards and outwards, that might be a deal breaker.

It does look like Sihoo’s upgraded model, the S300, does offer true 4D armrests. (In fact, they appear to be 5D arm rests as they can be tilted upwards at an angle as well.) The S300 is quite a bit more expensive, but if you were looking for the ability to adjust the arms inwards and outwards, it might be worth checking out.

I have not tested the S300, though.

Final Impressions

All-in-all, I’m impressed with the level of comfort and support the Doro S100 has provided. It offers a sitting experience that rivals the Steelcase Leap—a chair that is widely considered to be one of the best ergonomic office chairs available.

And, it does so for a third of the cost.

I’ve only been sitting in the chair for about a month now and so I can’t speak to how it will hold up over the long run. My plan is to continue sitting in the Doro S100 and see how it stands the test of daily sitting for a long stretch and then update this review with my findings.

But, for now, it has exceeded my expectations. Its dual lumbar support system is excellent and makes the chair stand out over other similarly-priced chairs (and over even more expensive options as well.)

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an affordable office chair that will offer support and comfort that rivals some of the premium options out there, I highly recommend that you consider the Sihoo Doro S100.

You can get the Doro S100 here.

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