Secretlab Titan vs Omega: Which Chair is Best for You?

After doing reviews on the Secretlab Titan and Omega, I’ve been getting a lot of viewers asking me which chair between those two they should get.

So, I just figured I’d do a quick comparison post to go over the main differences between the Titan and the Omega gaming chairs in order to help those of you who are on the fence make the right decision.

I’m going to break this post down into five quick categories for comparison: price, size & dimensions, comfort, adjustment options, and aesthetics and design

So, let’s just jump right in and go over how the Omega and Titan differ in those categories.

1. Titan vs Omega: How Much Do They Cost?

First, for price, the Titan comes in at $399. Secretlab does offer financing and so there is the option to make payments on the Titan for as low as $39 per month until it is paid off.

The Omega is a little bit more affordable at $329, or you have the option to make payments on it for as low as $29 per month.

2. How Big are the Omega and Titan?

Now, the biggest difference between the Omega and the Titan are in the two chair’s dimensions.

The Titan is a bit larger of a chair that is designed for medium-to-larger users, whereas the Omega is a bit smaller of a chair that is designed for medium-to-smaller users.

SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair

For the dimensions…

First, the Titan has a backrest length of 34″ whereas the Omega’s backrest is 32″ long.

The backrest width of the Titan is 23″ and the backrest on the Omega is 21″ wide.

Both chairs have a seat width of 22″, but the Titan’s seat is 21″ deep, whereas the Omega’s seat is a bit shorter at 20″ deep.

Finally, for height and weight recommendations, the Titan has a max recommended height of 6’4″ and a maximum weight capacity of 290 lbs.

The Omega is designed for smaller users, as its maximum recommended height is 5’9″ and its maximum weight capacity is 240 lbs—however, Secretlab does recommend the Omega for users that weigh up to 175 lbs. So, even though its max weight capacity is 240 lbs., Secretlab does note that it will probably work better for users around 175 lbs.

Which One Should You Get Based on Size?

Here’s the thing with the size of both of these chairs… With the recommended height and weight for these two chairs, a lot of users will actually fall into a category where both of these chairs will work for them. For instance, I’m 5’9-5’10 and I weight about 180 lbs and so I’m right at the high-end of the recommended height and weight for the Omega, and at the low-end for the recommended height and weight for the Titan.

I have the Titan as my personal chair, and while I do think the Omega is a very comfortable chair, I prefer the roominess of the larger Titan.

If you’re kind of in that same middle-ground of 5’8″-5’11” and 180-200 lbs., you might like a chair that fits you more snugly, in which case, the Omega might be the better option for you.

On the flip side, if you’re over 6 feet tall, or over 240-250 lbs., in that case, you’re not going to have the option between the two, because the Omega will be too small for you and you’ll want to go with the Titan. And, if you’re on the shorter and lighter side, you’ll probably want the Omega.

How Do the Omega and Titan Stack Up in Terms of Comfort

Now, for comfort, both the Omega and Titan are pretty similar. Again, your body type is going to play a big role in determining which chair is right for you, but if you are in the middle-ground where both chairs are an option, part of the comfort for you is going to be whether you want a little more room in your chair, or you want a tighter fit.

Both chairs, though, are very comfortable.

Aside from the dimensions and sizes of the two chairs, the one biggest difference between the Omega and Titan in terms of comfort is the lumbar support that the two chairs come with.

SecretLab Titan Lumbar Support Adjustment

The Titan comes with a built-in adjustable lumbar support, whereas the Omega comes with a velour lumbar pillow.

In my personal opinion, I think the Titan’s built-in lumbar support is the more comfortable option.

But, that’s not to say that the Omega’s lumbar pillow isn’t comfortable. But, the ability to dial back the built-in lumbar support on the Titan is helpful—especially since I prefer to not sit with a super pronounced lumbar support.

Again, though, the Omega lumbar support pillow is comfortable. In fact, in comparison to other chair brands’ lumbar support pillows, I’d say that the Omega’s lumbar pillow is one of the better lumbar pillows out there.

My one gripe with the Omega’s pillow, though, is that it isn’t attached to the chair and sometimes it can slip down when you are adjusting in your seat.

Seat and Armrest Height Between the Two Chairs and How it Might Affect You

Another important thing to note about the two chairs is the minimum distance from the floor to the top of the armrests.

The Omega does sit lower than the Titan. So, if you have some height restrictions on your desk and you need a chair that does sit lower so that it can slide under your desk, the Omega might be a better option.

Sitting in the Secretlab Omega

I have a keyboard tray under my desk, and the Titan’s armrests just barely fit under it, whereas the Omega would be able to slide under it easily.

And, just for reference, the lowest point on the Omega’s seat base is 18″ and the lowest point on the Omega’s armrests are 25″ off of the floor.

For the Titan, the lowest that its seat base can be off of the floor is 19.5 inches and the lowest its armrests can be off the floor is 25.5″

Velour Head Pillows

One last thing on comfort, both the Omega and Titan come with the same velour head pillows. So, if you need a chair with a head pillow, both of these chairs have them.

Adjustment Features for the Omega and Titan

For adjustment features, these chairs are pretty much identical.

The armrests on both chairs are the same and they have the same adjustment options.

SecretLab Titan Arm Rest Pushed Back

The backrest on both chairs both go back to a maximum of 165-degrees.

SecretLab Titan Nap

And, both chairs have the same tilt and lock features.

The only difference in adjustment options is, again, that the Titan has an adjustable lumbar support built-into the chair, whereas the Omega has a free-standing lumbar support pillow.

Aesthetics of the Titan and Omega

Finally, for aesthetics, both chairs have pretty much identical designs, with the only exception being that there are a couple of different color schemes available between the two, and the logo for each is obviously different—the Titan has a “T” as its logo and the Omega has an omega symbol as its logo.

Secretlab Omega PU Leather

The Titan comes in four different styles:

  • Stealth (which is all black with red stitching on the sides and gold-stitched lettering)
  • Amber (which is black and orange with a black-stitched Omega or Titan logo and an orange-stitched Secretlab logo)
  • Tempo (which is blue, white, and light blue, and is designed based on the eSports team Tempo Storm)
  • Ash (which is grayish-bluish and black with black-stitched logos)

The Omega comes also comes in Stealth, Amber, and Ash, too. And, you can also get it in Classic (which is white and black with red stitching on the sides and gold stitched logos) and Royal (which is black and blue with gold-stitched logos).

Which Secretlab Chair is Right for You?

Overall, both chairs are great options. In my opinion, whether it’s the Omega or the Titan that is right for you will probably come down to a few different things…

First, your budget. If you don’t want to quite pay $400 for the Titan, at $329 the Omega would be the better option.

Second, your body type. If you’re a large person, the Titan is your best bet. If you’re smaller, you’ll probably want the Omega.

Third, whether you want a roomy chair or a snug chair. If your body type falls in that range where both chairs are an option, then one of the things that will help you decide is how much room you want in your chair. If you want a roomier chair, get the Titan. If you want a tighter-fitting chair, get the Omega.

And, finally, fourth, your preferred lumbar support style. Again, if your decision is down to the Titan or the Omega, you’ll want to go with the Titan if you’d prefer the built-in lumbar support option, or you’ll want the Omega if you prefer a lumbar pillow.

That’s really the main differences between the two chairs. If you do have any questions about which option would be best for you, let me know in the comments below!

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