Secretlab Omega Review: Is the Omega Worth it in 2021?

Our Rating: 9.0/10

Secretlab Omega Review: Pros & Cons


Very comfortable chair designed for smaller individuals (recommended less than 5’9″ and 175 lbs.—but is sturdy enough to hold heavier users)


The Secretlab Omega comes with premium arm rests that can be adjusted four different ways to ensure they fit your arms correctly


Secretlab offers payments plans (~$29/month) on the chair, which makes it an easier buy for users who don’t necessarily have $329 to drop on a chair up front.


The lumbar support pillow is nice, but as it doesn’t attach to the chair it can slide down when adjusting in the seat

It’s been about two weeks now since I unboxed the Secretlab Omega edition gaming chair. And, today I’m back with the full review on the chair.

Secretlab does recommend the Omega for users that are no taller than 5’9″, and that are a maximum weight of 240 lbs. Their recommended maximum weight for users in this chair is only 175 lbs.

But, as I said in my unboxing and initial thoughts video (below), I weigh about 180 lbs., and I’m positive this chair could easily be used by users over 200 lbs. It’s very well built.

So, if you are right around 200 lbs. (maybe to a maximum of 210 lbs.), I wouldn’t let the recommended weight requirement turn you away.

But, for the height, I’m right about 5-foot-9 to 5-foot-10, and I think if you were slightly taller, this chair would be an option that you could consider. But if you are 5’11 or taller, you’ll likely want to look elsewhere.

So, just note that if you don’t fall under about 5’10 to 5’11 and under about 200-210 lbs., this chair won’t be for you. And, if that’s the case, then you might want to check out our review on Secretlab’s larger Titan-series gaming chair.

But, in any case, let’s get into the unboxing experience that the Omega delivers.

Also, if the Omega isn’t for you, check out our guide on the Best PC Gaming Chairs for more options.

Secretlab Omega Unboxing & Assembly

Just like the Titan, the Omega can be assembled in less the 30 minutes. It’s a really straightforward process.

Secretlab Omega Unboxing 1

And, just like with the Titan, you can tell that SecretLab put some effort into ensuring that the unboxing experience was a pleasant one.

Secretlab Omega Assembly

They give you a big huge poster-type board that has the step-by-step assembly process on it and everything is packaged and covered well in the box.

Omega 2018 Assembly

How Comfortable is the Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair?

To me, the Secretlab Omega has been very comfortable to sit in. Again, I’m right on the high-end of the recommended weight and height capacities, but the chair fits me just fine.

It is a bit on the snug side because I am right up against those maximum requirements, but it’s not uncomfortable to have the snugger fit.

Sitting in the Secretlab Omega

I also really like the PU leather that the Omega comes with. The DXRacer Formula series chair that I reviewed prior to the Omega had a mesh covering, and while it wasn’t horrible to sit in, it just wasn’t as nice as sitting in PU leather.

The PU leather doesn’t get too hot for me, but my office is also typically on the cooler side in terms of room temperature. So, I’m not sure how it would feel in a warmer room.

Secretlab Omega PU Leather

Overall, though, if you’ve seen/read my Secretlab Titan review (a larger version of the Omega), you’ll know that I found that chair very comfortable. And, for the most part, the Omega delivers a very similar experience in terms of comfort. (If you want to see all of the main differences between the two Secretlab chairs, check out our Secretlab Titan vs Omega guide to find out which one is better for you.)

It’s just a bit tighter of a fit, which may or may not be something you prefer.

The Omega Allows You to Adjust the Arm Rests in Four Different Directions

Omega Arm Rests

The arm rests on the Omega are identical to the arm rests on the Titan. So, I have had a pretty extensive look at these arm rests.

In terms of the comfort of the arm rest padding, there may be more comfortable arm rests out there, but I can’t imagine what a more comfortable arm rest would feel like.

Or, in other words, these arm rests are comfortable to me, and if there are more comfortable arm rests out there, I can’t imagine that they are significanlty more comfortable than the Omega’s (and the Titan’s.)

And, because the Omega’s arm rests can be adjusted in so many different ways, (that’s up-and-down, side-to-side, back and forth, and at an angle) it really helps ensuring that you can get the arm rests into the ideal position for your arms.

And, for build quality, the arm rests are extremeley sturdy as well, so I have no doubt that they’ll hold up over time.

The Lumbar Support Pillow is Comfortable… But It Doesn’t Attach to the Chair

Omega Velour Pillow

For lumbar support, the memory foam cushion that comes with the Omega is really comfortable to lean up against.

Now that I’ve tested out this lumbar cushion and the one from the DXRacer Formula series, I think that the Omega has the better lumbar cushion in terms of comfort.

It’s softer than DXRacer’s cushion, and not as bulky as well.

However, the only thing that I really haven’t like about the Omega thus far is the fact that the lumbar cushion does not attach to the chair in any way.

This isn’t a problem if you’re sitting in the same position for extended periods, but if you need to adjust a little bit, the cushion can slide down a little bit, and you have to reach back and adjust it from time to time.

Now, I will normally adjust the lumbar cushion from time-to-time anyways, but if I sit up in the chair for a moment, and the lumbar cushion is in a higher position, it will slide down, and when I sit back again, it’s in a different location.

Sitting in Secretlab's Omega 2018

It’s a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but it was just something that stood out to me throughout the couple of weeks of sitting in the Omega.

I did even go a period without the cushion at all, and that was actually comfortable to sit in as well. Maybe not ideal from an ergonomics standpoint, but I did find that I could sit in the chair without the pillow if I needed to.

You Get A Nice Velour Neck Pillow As Well (the Same One That Comes on the Titan)

The chair also comes with a velour head pillow. And, it is the same pillow that comes with the Titan. It attaches to the back of the seat, and it is really comfortable to rest your head on.

When I first got the Titan, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to use the pillow, but through sitting in the Titan and now the Omega, I will always leave the pillow on, because when I lay back on it it provides an additional level of comfort.

But Can the Secretlab Omega Do This?

Omega Recline

The Omega can recline back to a maximum of 165-degrees when the tilt feature is unlocked. Some chairs out there can go back further, and some chairs, like DXRacer’s formula series, can’t go back as far.

I do lean back in the chair on occasion, typically if I want to take a break from working to read or something, and on those occassions, man, it’s really comfortable to kick back in.

But you do need something to prop your feet up onto when you do recline back if you want to fully utilize the recline feature.

The tilt feature of the Omega is really nice as well. Basically, you can unlock the chair at its base and, when unlocked, you can rock freely back and forth in it.

You can also lock the chair at a tilted angle, too.

Omega Tilt Feature

This is a nice combination with the recline feature, because rather than sitting upright all day long, at times I can tilt the chair back a bit and recline it slightly, and that can help me get a little bit more comfortable when I’m working.

Overall, though, from the beginning of starting to review these chairs, I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like or even use the recline features, but I can say now that, in my opinion, having them is better than not having them.

The Build Quality of the Secretlab Omega is Outstanding

The only other thing I can really speak to is the Omega’s build quality.

The chair’s base is made out of reinforced aluminum, it has a steel frame construction, and its hydraulic gas piston is Class 4 heavy duty rated. So, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m guessing they are high-end pistons.

Omega Base

From my point of view, the Omega feels very well built. I can’t speak specifially to how long it will last because I’ve only had a couple of weeks with the chair. But I’m assuming you’ll get your money’s worth out of it as long as you meet the chair’s height and weight requirements, or are even a little over them.

Multiple Color Schemes, Upholsteries, and Styles to Choose From

The Secretlab Omega comes in three different upholsteries, PU Leather, Fabric, and real NAPA Leather. The Omega is also available in a variety of Special Editions. You can check out all of the color schemes and styles at, but we’ve listed the six different PU Leather options below, as well the two Fabric color schemes.

Black (All Black w/Black Stitching & Black Logo)

Secretlab Omega 2019

Stealth (Black w/Red Stitching & Gold/White Logos)

Secretlab Omega 2018 Stealth Edition

Classic (Black & White w/Red Stitching & Gold/White Logos)

Secretlab Omega 2018 Classic Edition

Amber (Black & Orange w/Orange Stitching & Black/Orange Logos)

Secretlab Omega 2018 Amber Edition

Royal (Black & Blue w/Gold & White Logos)

Secretlab Omega 2018 Royal Edition

Ashe (Ashe & Black w/Black Logos)

Secretlab Omega 2018 Ashe Edition

Charcoal Blue (Fabric)

Secretlab Omega Fabric Softweave Charcoal

Cookies & Cream (Fabric)

Secretlab Omega Fabric Softweave Cookies and Cream

Verdict: The Secretlab Omegais Probably One of the Best Gaming Chairs for Smaller Individuals in 2019

All-in-all, I think the Omega is another outstanding chair from Secretlab. I am going to compare the Omega to both the Titan and the DXRacer Formula series in two separate videos, but I can pretty much already tell you the gist of those two videos.

And, that is that…

I’d go with the Secretlab Omega over the DXRacer Formula, even the DXRacer Formula chairs that have PU leather, as the Omega has more arm rest adjustment features, can tilt back further, and can lock at a tilted angle.

For the Titan and the Omega…

If you’re under 5’10 and under 200 lbs., or your close to those numbers and you prefer a chair that fits you more snugly, go with the Secretlab Omega over the Titan.

If you’re taller than 5’9″ and over 175-180 lbs., and you prefer a roomier chair, I’d go with the Titan over the Omega.


But, in any case, I think when you compare the Omega to other racing-style gaming chairs that are also designed for the medium-to-smaller body types, the Omega is likely one of the better options in that group.

If you’re interested in getting the Omega, I have included a link to it in the description below. That is an affiliate link and if you use it buy the chair I will get a commission, to which, of course, I greatly appreciate.

I’m also giving away this chair to one winner and if you want to enter in to win it, you can click here to enter. (And, if the giveaway has already ended, you still might want to check out the page as we are typically always giving away something.)

But, that does it for this review. Thank you for reading and hopefully I’ll see you next time!

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Secretlab Omega Review

Verdict: If you’re a smaller user who is looking for a gaming chair, the Secretlab Omega is a worthy option to consider. Its 4D adjustable armrests, plethora of color schemes to choose from, and its build quality help it stand out over the competition.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

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