Is Green Man Gaming Legit for Game Purchases?

Is Green Man Gaming LegitAre you considering buying games from Green Man Gaming but unsure on whether that’s a good idea? In this article, we discuss whether Green Man Gaming is a legitimate games marketplace.

Gaming on the PC means that you have a large number of digital storefronts at your disposal that can be used for the purchase of digital games and game keys, some of which are more reputable and trustworthy than others. One such online storefront is Green Man Gaming, which fashions itself as one of the top online video game retailers in the world.

If you’ve heard of Green Man Gaming but aren’t sure of whether or not you should purchase games from them, the following should help you determine if they are legit.

Who Is Green Man Gaming?

Green Man Gaming is an online video game retailer that’s based in the UK but does most of its business outside of the UK. While the vast majority of the games in their catalogue are PC games, some of them can be selected for the MAC, Playstation 4, XBOX One, and various PC VR platforms like the Oculus Rift. Their catalogue is currently comprised of nearly 7,000 games, which includes most of the top releases of 2018.

Green Man Gaming Logo
Green Man Gaming has been around since 2010 and is an official online game retailer.

Green Man Gaming officially began to sell games back in 2010 and have since expended greatly to now be considered among the top online retailers for video games to rival other storefronts like GOG and Origin.

On the Green Man Gaming website and storefront, you can purchase a wide range of digital games. There are a variety of options that allow you to search for different types and genres of games when on the storefront, which include search options that take you to bestsellers, games that are coming soon, recently released games, and add-ons for games that have already been placed on the market.

Green Man Gaming VIP
Buy a lot of games? You might want to consider purchasing your games from Green Man Gaming, then, as their VIP program rewards loyal customers.

They also offer a VIP membership for loyal customers who’ve purchased a large number of games on the site. This membership is available by invite only but provides access to a special VIP area on the site as well as free games and exclusive discounts.

Another feature of the Green Man Gaming website is the forum area where you can go and join in discussion about a wide array of different video game topics. There are also many different kinds of sub-forums that you can visit, which include sub-forums with topics like retro, mobile gaming, and free-to-play.

Is Green Man Gaming Safe to Buy From?

The most troublesome aspect of purchasing digital games is that you can be provided with a code that simply does not work, which is a legitimate worry with a large number of online storefronts that pop up and start selling video game keys. If you’ve only dealt with Steam and Origin storefronts in the past, you may not have experience with purchasing a game key.

In essence, a game key is a 15 letter or number code that you can input to redeem a game. When you’re searching for great deals on a new video game release, it’s possible that you’ll come across websites that advertise amazing deals for the game that you’re interested in. Once you pay the money and receive the key, you may then find out that the key has already been redeemed with no recourse to get your money back.

However, Green Man Gaming has proven to be a very reliable site for purchasing game keys of any kind whether you’re buying a new game or an older one. The legality of where the game keys come from is somewhat questionable when it comes to sites like SCDKey and Kinguin (click here to read our article, Is Kinguin Legit?), but Green Man Gaming only sells legitimate game keys.

In most cases, these keys are coming directly from the publisher or developer of the game in question. For instance, the keys that you receive for purchasing games like No Man’s Sky or Cuphead are most likely provided to Green Man Gaming by the developers of these games, which should give you peace of mind that the code won’t already be redeemed when you attempt to use it. Any third-party providers aside from the publisher of the game are authorized directly by Green man Gaming.

Even though Green Man Gaming is considered to be highly reputable and legit in regards to selling keys for the video games that they offer, it’s important to understand that you may run into a slight issue from time to time. Like most third-party sellers of game keys, Green Man Gaming is only provided with a certain allotment of keys, which means that they can run out by the time that you purchase one. In many cases, this issue will only cause a slight delay of 1-2 days before they restock and you’re provided with the key that you’re owed.

There are also a small number of instances where Green Man Gaming were unable to provide customers with a game key at the launch or release of a major third party game and instead had to wait until several days after launch to do so. This has most recently occurred with games like Star Wars Battlefront and Dark Souls 3. While the customers who preordered these games weren’t provided with game keys directly at launch, the wait to receive the key was only a few days in both instances.

The bottom line, though, is that, compared to the game key sites mentioned previously like Kinguin, Green Man Gaming is entirely legitimate and safe to use.

What Kinds of Deals Does Green Man Gaming Have?

Green Man Gaming offers a substantial number of discounts on many of the video games that they offer. In a similar manner as Steam, they hold several large sales and numerous smaller sales throughout the year where they discount games by anywhere from 10-75 percent.

Green Man Gaming Deals
Like other online game storefronts, Green Man Gaming has multiple large sales events throughout the year. And, while they may not have the best deals on every game, if you’re bargain hunting for games, GMG is at least worth checking out during those events.

Larger sales such as their Holiday Sale last for a couple of weeks each year and offer discounts on hundreds of games across numerous platforms. While many of the largest sales are centered around games that are at least one year old, they also offer pretty hefty discounts on newer games. For instance, games that were released in 2018 like Frostpunk and Monster Hunter World could have discounts of 20-45 percent.

One aspect of their discounting that you should be on the lookout for when purchasing games on their site is an additional discount that can be added onto your purchase, which they offer on occasion via special codes that they’ll advertise on their website. A code for the holiday season of 2018 allowed for an additional discount of 12 percent off of the entire cart. Overall, these discounts add up and can provide you with the means of purchasing a large number of games for a relatively low amount of money.

If you’re thinking about purchasing all of your games at Green man Gaming, it’s actually not a bad idea to do so if you enjoy using their storefront. Even though they sell third-party game keys, they are partnered with Steam, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Capcom, and a wide range of additional publishers and developers, which means that you can be confident that the game you’re purchasing will work as intended.

While their discounts aren’t substantially better than the ones you’ll find on Steam and other major online video game retailers, they certainly aren’t worse in that regard. They have also offered some of the best deals for new video game releases over the past few years, which may make them preferable to other options if you regularly preorder games.

Have There Been Any Controversies With Green Man Gaming?

While Green Man Gaming is considered to be highly reputable and legitimate among customers and the video game retailer industry as a whole, they haven’t been without controversy in the past. The only major controversy occurred in 2015 with the release of The Witcher 3 video game.

They were offering the game for preorder at a price of $39, which was substantially lower than the standard launch price of $60. Before the release of The Witcher 3, the developer and publisher of the game made a statement wherein they accused Green man Gaming of using an unknown source for distribution of the game keys in question. CD Projekt Red then told customers not to purchase the game from Green man Gaming since they were unaware of the origin of the keys.

The CEO of Green Man Gaming soon responded with a statement wherein he explained that the keys were legitimate but came from an authorized third party vendor as opposed to the publisher of the game, which the CEO said was necessary because of a failure in negotiations with CD Projekt Red. They also made sure to tell customers that all revenue from the keys went to the publisher.

Following this small controversy, Green Man Gaming began to identify where all of their keys came from as well as the exact date that customers can expect to receive the key. Compared to other game key sellers like SCDKey, Green Man Gaming has been far more reliable and has better garnered the trust of its customers.

Final Verdict: Green Man Gaming IS Legit

Now that you have a better understanding of the legitimacy of Green Man Gaming, you can confidently purchase games on their site if you so choose. Overall, Green Man Gaming is safe to buy from. And, their deals are also occasionally worth it, which will potentially allow you to purchase some of the games on your wishlist at a discount.

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