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How to Remove Glyphs in WoW

How to Remove Glyphs in WoW

In WoW, glyphs are craftable items that alter the appearance of your spell effects. Each class in WoW has a plethora of glyphs to choose from, obtainable by either crafting (if you’ve chosen the Inscription profession and learned the necessary recipe), or by purchasing them from other players via trade or the Auction House.

Glyphs can cosmetically alter your spells in some cool ways, but there may come a time when you want to remove them. The game doesn’t really tell you how to do that, but it’s pretty simple to remove glyphs in WoW.

Here’s how to do it.

Removing Glyphs in WoW (3 Steps)

Step 1. Head to an Inscription vendor in one of Azeroth’s major cities. You’ll usually be able to find them beside an Inscription trainer. For Horde, your best option is to visit Xantili in Orgrimmar. She can be found in The Valley of Spirits, in the first building on the right as you enter the swampy area of the district, just past the embassy.

Xantili in Orgrimmar

For alliance, head to Stormwind and speak with Stanly McCormick. You’ll find Stanly just south of The Stockade dungeon, in a shop called ‘The Scribe of Stormwind’.

Stanly McCormick in Stormwind

If you’re in one of WoW’s other major cities, simply speak with a guard and ask them where the Inscription trainer is. The NPC will put a handy marker on your map to point you where to go. You’ll always find the Inscription vendor next to the trainer.

Step 2. Once you’ve arrived at the correct vendor, right-click them to trade. You’ll want to buy Vanishing Powder; you’ll usually find it on the last page of their offerings.

Vanishing Powder

Depending on whom you buy it from and your reputation with the faction they represent, you’ll pay between 32 and 40 silver for 5 lots of Vanishing Powder.

Step 3. Open your spellbook and your bag. Alternatively, you can add the Vanishing Powder to an action bar for quick access; simply drag the icon from your bag to the desired slot on your action bar.

Then, right-click the Vanishing Powder, and left-click the spell you wish to remove the glyph from. Confirm you’d like to remove the glyph, and after a short cast time, you’ll have successfully removed the glyph from your ability!

Remove Glyph

Removing WoW Glyphs FAQs

Will the glyph be destroyed when I remove it?

Yes. If you want to reequip a glyph, you’ll need to purchase it again from the auction house, or by trading with a player. Alternatively, if you have the Inscription profession, know the recipe and have the required materials, you can craft yourself a new glyph.

Are there any limits on how many glyphs I can remove in WoW?

Nope! As long as you have Vanishing Powder in your inventory, you can remove as many glyphs as you’d like.

Do glyphs offer power benefits?

In their current state, glyphs are just a way to make your abilities stand out; they don’t offer any player power. When glyphs were first introduced during Wrath of the Lich King, they did have unique effects that made your abilities more powerful. Glyphs were made cosmetic-only during the Legion expansion.

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