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How to Get the Windows 11 Clock on All Monitors

How to Get the Windows 11 Clock on All Monitors

When Microsoft released Windows 11, it brought a lot of changes, including a brand-new taskbar created from scratch.

Unfortunately, though, this means that the Windows team glossed over some minor features. One of these features is the inclusion of the clock on secondary monitors.

If you’ve got a multi-monitor setup on your Windows 11 PC, and you want to display the clock on all monitors, then keep reading to find out how to get it back.

Update Windows

As of Build 22000.527, Microsoft has added the option to display the clock on all monitors without any workarounds. That means that if you can’t find a way to display the clock on all of your monitors, the first thing you can try is to update your Windows.

To start, open up the Settings app by going to the Start menu and clicking on Settings.


Next, navigate to the Updates tab, and then click on Check for updates . If there are any updates available, download and install them, and then restart your computer.

Check for Updates

Now you should have the clock on all of your monitors.

Join the Windows Insider Program

If updating Windows doesn’t bring back the clock on all monitors, or there are no updates available for you, then you may need to join the Windows Insider Program. However, there’s a caveat.

While you can unenroll from the Windows Insider Program, there are two options – either unenroll when the next major Windows 11 update is pushed through the stable channel, or unenroll immediately, which will require a clean install of Windows 11.

Additionally, Windows Insider builds aren’t as thoroughly tested as the stable channel. That means you can run into bugs and strange behavior you wouldn’t normally find on the stable channel.

If you don’t mind sticking with the Windows Insider Program until the next major update, or you’re on a fresh install of Windows and aren’t worried about having to do a clean install, then this is a good option to try. Otherwise, you may want to skip to the next option to try to get the clock back on all your monitors.

To opt in to the Windows Insider Program, open the Settings app, go to the Windows Update tab, and click on Windows Insider Program.

Windows Insider Program

On the Windows Insider Program page, click on the Get started button.

Get Started

Now you’ll need to link your Microsoft account to join the program. Follow the steps in the wizard, and select Beta Channel.

Beta Channel

Once you’re finished, Windows will prompt you to restart your computer. Restart your computer, then check for updates and install any updates available.

Once you’ve updated, you’ll want to check the version of Windows you’re running. To do this, open up the Run box by pressing the Windows key + R . In the Run box, type in winver and then press Enter.


If you’re on at least Build 22000.527, you should be able to display the clock on all monitors. If not, go back to the Windows Insider Program page on the Settings app and select the Dev channel instead, and repeat the steps above.

Windows Version

If you decide that you want to go back to the stable channel of Windows 11, you can easily revert back by going to the Windows Insider Program page in Settings.

From here, click Stop getting preview builds, and you can either choose to stop getting preview builds during the next major update, or immediately, if you’re prepared to do a clean install of Windows 11.

Use ElevenClock

If you still can’t get the clock to show on all monitors, don’t want to join the Windows Insider Program, or you just want some extra customization options, then you can use a program called ElevenClock. With this program, you can add the secondary clock function back to the Windows 11 taskbar.

Not only does it work on systems with up to 10 monitors, but it also adds a whole host of new customization features. It supports different screen arrangements, and also allows you to change the formatting and font of the clock, displaying the date and/or time, in various formats (even allowing you to display seconds).

EvenClock Download

Start by grabbing the installer from ElevenClock’s GitHub page, or the Microsoft Store and install it.

ElevenClock Settings

After that, you can customize ElevenClock to your liking. But otherwise, you’re all set!

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