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Best RTX 4070 Ti Graphics Cards Right Now

Best NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti is the cheapest current-gen ‘Ada Lovelace’ GPU on the market right now. And while it might not be the absolute best graphics card of the current generation, it’s still a high-end card, which makes its lower price very alluring.

It faces strong competition from the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT and 7900 XTX, but for those on a tighter budget, a 4070 Ti might be the perfect choice. Perfect for 1440p gaming but also very capable at 4K resolution, this GPU offers superb rasterization, ray tracing, and upscaling performance.

There are many third-party AIB models to choose between, though. In fact, NVIDIA hasn’t released a Founders Edition (FE) 4070 Ti, so these AIB models are all we have.

There are some great RTX 4070 Ti choices from several manufacturers. In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the list to just some of the very best RTX 4070 Ti options for different use cases.

The Best RTX 4070 Ti Graphics Cards Right Now

1. Palit GeForce RTX 4070 Ti GamingPro OC

Best Overall RTX 4070 Ti

  • 2760 MHz Clock Speed
  • Triple Fan Cooling
  • 13-inches Long
  • Our Rating: 9.6/10

Palit’s 4070 Ti GamingPro OC is, perhaps surprisingly, the best overall RTX 4070 Ti on this list for the price. Admittedly, most US retailers aren’t yet stocking it—although retailers in the UK are—so prices may change.

It’s not the coolest 4070 Ti or the best at overclocking, but it does well in several areas that most gamers will value. Most gamers want a GPU that runs well straight out of the box, which is something that this card nails.

First, it has the second-highest boost clock out of all the cards on this list alongside the ROG Strix, at 2,760MHz. Considering most PC gamers want a plug-and-play graphics card that doesn’t require much tinkering to make the most out of, the GamingPro OC should appeal to many.

Second, it’s very power efficient. According to TechPowerUp’s testing, this GPU only consumes 4.5W per frame generated in-game, which is lower than any other 4070 Ti they tested.

Finally, it runs mighty quiet at about 30dB while gaming, and it does this while maintaining a temperature well below 70C.

It might not be as quiet as the PNY card or run as cool as the Gigabyte card, but it runs so well straight out of the box that it will make most prospective 4070 Ti buyers happy. Just don’t get it if you’re wanting to overclock it heavily, as its VRM isn’t great and its max power limit is low.

2. ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 Ti OC

Cheapest RTX 4070 Ti

  • 2730 MHz Clock Speed
  • Triple Fan Cooling
  • 12-inches Long
  • Our Rating: 9.5/10

The cheapest RTX 4070 Ti on the market right now is the ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 4070 Ti OC. Currently retailing for about $799, this 4070 Ti is currently $50-150 cheaper than most of its competitors.

It’s also a great plug-n-play GPU that contends with Palit’s GamingPro OC 4070 Ti for the place of ‘best overall’ RTX 4070 Ti. This is primarily because, for its cheap cost, the TUF Gaming 4070 Ti OC ships with a boost clock of 2,730MHz—just 30MHz lower than the Palit card—giving it great out-of-the-box gaming performance.

On top of this, its VRM is decent (but not spectacular) with a total max current of 550A, and it’s capable of some hefty overclocking, providing you don’t mind implementing an aggressive fan profile. TechPowerUp, for example, got it running at 3,085MHz, which is about the same as the overclocks they achieved on the more expensive 4070 Ti models.

Palit’s GamingPro OC 4070 Ti has a higher boost clock and runs a little quieter than the TUF Gaming OC 4070 Ti, which is why it’s arguably the better overall card. But considering the TUF Gaming OC’s low price, it’s a great deal with little of a downside.

3. MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Suprim X

Best RTX 4070 Ti for Overclocking

  • 2775 MHz Clock Speed
  • Triple Fan Cooling
  • 3-inches Long
  • Our Rating: 9.8/10

MSI’s GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Suprim X is probably the best RTX 4070 Ti for overclocking.

MSI Suprim X cards are fan favorites of this Ada Lovelace generation, and for good reason. While who wins a pure ‘best overclocking’ award is a toss-up between this card and the ASUS ROG Strix 4070 Ti (because both have similar max power limits and so on), the MSI card has some benefits over the Strix.

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First, it’s significantly cheaper than the Strix. The Suprim X 4070 Ti is currently going for about $924 online, while the Strix OC is going for about $1,049. Second, it runs extremely quiet; in fact, it’s likely the quietest 4070 Ti on the market, sitting just above 25dB while gaming on its normal BIOS. Finally (and, okay, this is just one man’s opinion) it’s gorgeous.

Key to the Suprim X’s overclocking success is its 365W (+28%) max power limit, which allows you to crank the dial up and squeeze every last drop of performance out of the GPU. Its 12x 55A (660A max current) VRM handles this just fine, and its gigantic (four-slot!) cooler keeps temperatures low enough despite any overclocks.

Of course, it ships with a hefty stock overclock, too—2,775MHz, to be exact, which is the highest on this list. If this card’s within your budget, it’s probably the best one overall, even ahead of the GamingPro OC. On the other hand, if you’re not into overclocking and you want to save some money, you’ll achieve similar frame rates if you opt for the GamingPro instead.

4. ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4070 Ti OC

Most Powerful RTX 4070 Ti

  • 2760 MHz Clock Speed
  • Triple Fan Cooling
  • 2-inches Long
  • Our Rating: 9.6/10

Unsurprisingly, the ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4070 Ti OC is on this list. ROG Strix GPUs are frequently the most powerful models of NVIDIA 40-series GPUs, and it’s no different with the 4070 Ti.

The ROG Strix 4070 Ti OC matches the Palit GamingPro OC’s stock boost clock of 2,760MHz, which is ahead of all the other models on this list bar the Suprim X.

Besides having a stellar factory OC, this card is also a great manual overclocker. Multiple online tests show that it matches the Suprim X in its overclocking potential, no doubt thanks to its identical +28% max power limit.

While the Suprim X is better value purely for overclocking thanks to its lower price, the ROG Strix 4070 Ti OC gives it a good run for its money. And if you’re a fan of flashy RGB aesthetics and an over-the-top build, it should serve you better than the Suprim X on that front.

There is a price for this no-compromise performance, though. The ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4070 Ti OC is currently going for about $1,049, which, while $150 cheaper than the RTX 4080 at MSRP, places it in the price range of the more powerful AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX. In which case, the decision probably comes down to brand loyalty.

5. Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Gaming OC

Coolest RTX 4070 Ti

  • 2640 MHz Clock Speed
  • Triple Fan Cooling
  • 2-inches Long
  • Our Rating: 9.3/10

Considering there are some great coolers on this list (I’m looking at you, MSI Suprim X), seeing Gigabyte’s Gaming OC RTX 4070 Ti win this award is a bit surprising.

But we can’t argue with real-world data, and TechPowerUp found that Gigabyte’s 4070 Ti Gaming OC stayed cooler than any other RTX 4070 Ti they tested—including the MSI Suprim X. In fact, it was the only card they tested that averaged below 60c.

Now, temperatures aren’t the be-all and end-all for graphics cards—far from it, considering modern GPUs can handle temperatures well above 60c without losing longevity. But low temperatures can impact overclocking potential, and we see this borne out with the Gigabyte 4070 Ti Gaming OC.

This card overclocks exceptionally well, thanks to its low temps and its 340W (+19%) max power limit. It doesn’t quite hit MSI Suprim X or ASUS ROG Strix clock speeds, but it’s cheaper than both, currently retailing for about $849 on sale. We can’t rightly recommend it as the best overclocking card when the Suprim X and ROG Strix exist, but it comes close when factoring in its low cost.

Ultimately, though, even if low temps aren’t necessary and you don’t care about overclocking, having your GPU stay cool just feels good, and if that’s very important to you, then the Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Gaming OC is a solid option.

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