EVGA CLC Review: A Look at EVGA’s 280mm, 240mm, & 120mm Coolers

EVGA CLC: Some of the Best Closed Loop Coolers Around

EVGA CLC 280mmIt appears as if EVGA is deadset on taking complete control of every corner of the PC hardware market. Aside from being one of the top options in graphics cards and power supplies (as well as a host of other computer components) EVGA is now trying their hand at closed loop liquid coolers.

Their new line of closed loop coolers dropped earlier this year and they currently have three AIO coolers to choose between: 280mm, 240mm, and 120mm.

And, despite this being their first attempt at creating a closed loop cooler, their CLC series is already regarded as being one of the better options among AIO coolers.

EVGA’s CLC line is based on the latest generation Asetek pump, which is used in some of the more popular options out there, including the Corsair H115i and NZXT Kraken x62.

However, a unique fan design and a square block with rounded edges gives EVGA’s coolers a bit of a different feel to them. And, performance-wise, these coolers tend to test well against their competition at their respective price ranges

Below, we dive into each of the coolers and give you a look at what they have to offer, as well as point out who each cooler makes sense for.

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