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The Best Free VR Games and Apps for 2020

Best Free VR Games

Virtual reality is definitely a thing of our present and it may become a huge part of our future as well. And I’m not just talking about the world of entertainment here; VR has amazing applications in fields such as education, traveling, commerce, and more, which is why many developers have high expectations for the future.

But, until we get to see VR applied in our day-to-day life, let’s enjoy its wonderful developments in the entertainment field. With new technology and improvements showing up every semester, there’s no wonder that the software market barely manages to keep up. But this is a gap that’s soon to be covered with a plethora of startups supporting VR technology and more developers heading this way.

For now, most VR headsets have a good library of games and apps at their users’ disposal, with several devices accepting more than one software platform. In my opinion, the easiest to use are the games and apps developed for phone and tablet users, since you don’t need a special type of console or software to run them. You just install it on your phone and enjoy it with a headset that’s a good fit.

Sadly, apps and games developed for mobile devices are not as powerful and detail-oriented as the ones developed for PCs and consoles. However, you’ll find cool pieces of software in both cases and below you can learn about the best ones. Even better, I only chose the free ones, so you can enjoy them regardless of your budget!

Free Apps & Games for Phones/Tablets


It may not be a highly graphic world, but it works on Android and it is available on Google Play. Furthermore, it can be played using Google Cardboard, which means this VR fun won’t cost you more than $20!

The app features puzzle games and allows you to use teleportation, which is pretty neat! You’re also allowed to use various controllers as input methods, and it is a family-friendly experience so you can get everyone involved.

Collect as many crystals as possible and continue solving cool puzzles while exploring interesting worlds, developed at a 360-degree experience!

InMind VR

With this cool Cardboard game, you get the unbelievable chance of literally exploring the mind. You start the game by being minimized so you can cruise the world of neurons and neuronal pathways, looking for abnormalities that you get to destroy by shooting them down. This way, you provide a service, by keeping the brain you’re navigating in a healthy state.

The mechanics are similar to the ones used in runner games and you don’t have control over the pathway to follow, but it is quite fun and oddly satisfying.

Zombie Shooter VR

For iPhone users who enjoy a bit of shooting action, this cool zombie game may be just the right type of relaxation! While the game did not use to be free, nowadays you can just download it from App Store and enjoy a good old-fashioned zombie hunt!

The landscape is not extremely detailed since the game is placed in a subway, but the action is quite enticing. Furthermore, you don’t need any fancy controls as you can actually kill your enemies with your eyesight (pretty cool, right?).

Free Apps & Games for PCs & Consoles

Google Earth VR

If you’re avid for travels but you can’t leave the house right now, Google Earth VR can quench your thirst if you own an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive headset. The best thing is that you can jump from the mesmerizing streets of Tokyo to the wonderful landscapes of the Grand Canyon in just one second. No lengthy plane rides and no tiresome hauling of luggage will be necessary.

Honestly, I may find this way of traveling a bit more enjoyable!

Google Earth VR is available for free on Steam, but you may also find it on other sites.

YouTube VR

Google proves (once more) that they are up to date with new trends by offering a cooler version of YouTube, designed to accommodate VR lovers. Here you can watch videos in 360-degree format and even upload your own!

The cool thing is that you can enjoy videos from big names such as Discovery, NY Times, BBC, Sports Illustrated, and more, for free. So, I say it’s time to hook up your headset and start enjoying this hidden treasure trove!

Rec Room

If you’re looking for a multiplayer adventure, Rec Room is a fantastic game/app for that! As the name suggests, this is a virtual location where you get to relax and get free of stress and daily worries. This world has multiple games that you can play with friends or strangers, and the setting is quite calming and pleasant.

Rec Room is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and it can be downloaded for free from Steam. You’ll also need a VR-ready gaming PC in order to use both headsets as well.

Now, if you don’t have a headset yet but you’re still looking for a way to blow off steam, I may advise trying Happy Room. It has the same idea at the base, but it’s a bit more twisted than Rec Room. Still, you can play it on any device you like!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault

Stories of war and horror, stories of loyalty and teamwork, and maybe some sad stories about bravery and sacrifice – this is what made COD so famous around the world. And now you can actually enjoy the VR experience for free!

However, you shouldn’t expect for the same game experience you know from PC gaming – this is a shorter version, designed to tease and attract. It’s also only available for PlayStation VR.

Now, if you want a bit more out of the shooting experience, or you don’t have the PSVR gear, I recommend trying some sniper games. They’re tons of fun and work on almost any type of device!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a few free apps and games you can actually enjoy in today’s market. And it doesn’t matter if you have an Oculus Rift/HTC Vive or you’re toying around with Google Cardboard, there is entertainment crafted for each platform!

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