15 Minecraft Kitchen Ideas for Your Builds

Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

While the blocky nature of Minecraft is undoubtedly part of its long-lasting appeal, imitating real-life designs and structures has always been perhaps the pinnacle of in-game designs.

It makes sense—While grid-based designs are at the core of every build, arranging them in such a way that mimics the appearance of a real-world design requires both a creative mind, and an eye for detail.

One common form of this (that, really, most Minecraft house or base builds should have) is a kitchen. It helps that (usually) they’re small and functional, and they come in a lot of different styles as well. We’ve gathered some down below to help you out!

Do you have an awesome Minecraft kitchen design? Have you put together a tutorial on how to build it, or a YouTube video that shows it off? Send us a link to it in the comment section below and we’ll consider featuring it in this post! Also, please consider subscribing to these YouTuber’s channels as they have put in some real effort in bringing you these tutorials.

1. Simple Minecraft Kitchen Design

Minecraft: how to make a Kitchen (Minecraft Kitchen Tutorial).

First up, this design by elitegamespot is short and to the point. It’s small, cheap, and most importantly, actually looks like a kitchen. Despite its small size, it manages to emulate a sink, as well as a smoke fan through use of a campfire.

2. Modern Kitchen Tutorial

Minecraft: Modern Kitchen Build Tutorial

The first of the modern-style designs, this one by BlenDigi is noticeably larger than the last. It also uses quartz (as is standard with modern designs), making it noticeably more expensive to build. Still, though it has its own nice set of tricks, including making cabinets out of a banner and a picture frame.

3. Medieval Kitchen Design

Minecraft: 3 Medieval Kitchen Designs [EASY]

Rather than just one single design, this guide by CyrixTL covers three different medieval-styled kitchens that would be perfect for a fantasy- or castle-themed build. The differences between the three mainly come down to the layout of the design, but they’re still different enough. They’re also simple, so throwing them together is pretty painless.

4. Quick Minecraft Kitchen Tutorial

3 Minute Minecraft Kitchen Build Tutorial

While not explicitly titled as a “modern” design, this three minute video by The Modernist follows suit, making use of quartz and gray concrete to give it that black and white contrast. This design also has a little bar for guests, complete with some sea turtle egg cups.

5. Large Kitchen Design

Minecraft: How to Build a Large Kitchen Design (Tutorial)

This noticeably larger design by VexelVille is about as far as you can get from the previous two entries. It’s built pretty much entirely out of wood, and includes a dining area as well. There’s some neat tricks used to make the table, as wel.

6. Larger Modern Kitchen Design

Minecraft : Modern Kitchen : Kitchen design

Another modern design—this time by 6tenstudio—is larger than previous entries. While it follows suit in its use of quartz and cement, it also makes use of some new-age tricks (namely campfires) to add new textures and give the appearance of a working stove/oven.

7. 6tenstudio’s Minecraft Kitchen Design

Minecraft : How to Build a Kitchen in Minecraft : Minecraft Kitchen Design

Another entry by 6tenstudio, this kitchen design blends modern-styled colors with something of a more eccentric pattern/scheme. While quartz is certainly used, the use of carpet rather than cement lends it a more lived-in feel, rather than the almost sterile landscape of other modern-styled builds.

8. Eight Unique Kitchen Designs

Minecraft: 8 Kitchen Design Ideas | Easy Tutorial

This video, by KoalaBuilds covers 8 different kitchen designs. While the layout is generally similar, the designs themselves are completely different, and there’s a good bit of variety that you might not expect to see, like their nether-themed design. These are short and sweet, and there’s sure to be something for everybody.

9. Spacious Minecraft Kitchen Idea

⚒️ Minecraft : How to Make a Modern Kitchen

Another modern build, this time by MCram. Instead of quartz, this build uses bone blocks, meaning you don’t necessarily need to go nether crawling to get the materials for it. Rather than the everyday kitchen, this looks like more of a diner, complete with a bar for guests—and a hamburger in the corner.

10. ImRandom’s Kitchen Design

Minecraft: How to Build a Kitchen

Probably the coziest build on this list, this design by ImRandom looks like something that belongs in a forest cabin. It still has the tricks we’ve come to expect at this point—campfires to make the stoves appear active—and has some space set aside for drying racks as well.

11. Minecraft Kitchen With Smoking Stove

Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Another short and sweet video, this design by Nerdak has a bit of a different take on stoves. Instead of pressure plates, a powered rail is placed on top of smokers, making the red ring in the center look like a stove that’s red-hot. The bookshelf in the corner (presumably filled with cookbooks) is a nice touch as well.

12. BlenDigi’s Minecraft Kitchen Design

Minecraft: Modern Kitchen Tutorial

Another modern entry by BlenDigi, this video is part of a larger modern-styled series. The kitchen itself is fairly standard, but the illusion of a bread cutting board is a really neat trick that I’d love to see more of. The use of layers on the table is also a rather nice touch.

13. Working Kitchen Build Ideas

Minecraft: 3 Working Kitchen Build Hacks and Ideas

Again by BlenDigi, rather than an outright guide, this video is a collection of a few tips and tricks that you can use to spice up your own build. The tricks themselves are rather simple, but the way that they’re applied is proof of how a little creativity can yield a lot of flexibility.

14. FullySpaced’s Collection of Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Minecraft - 5 Kitchen Designs |Inspiration & Tips!|Interior Decoration ideas|

Another collection of separate designs, this time by a YouTuber named FullySpaced. While there’s some similarities between designs, they’re all vastly different, in both layout, material choice, and in terms of what time period they’re trying to emulate. There’s even an outdoor stall style!

15. MCram’s Minecraft Kitchen Tutorial

⚒️[Minecraft] : How to make a Kitchen

The last entry on this list is a longer-form video created by MCram. While the color palette is reminiscent of the modern builds on this list, the choice of a wooden floor gives it a more rustic feel at the same time. This is an older build, so it lacks some of the new-age tricks, but it’s still a solid design.

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