The Best VPN Services for 2018

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best VPN services currently available as well as some of the best gaming VPNs. We’ll also go into what a VPN is and how you can protect yourself by using one.

Best VPN Services

V PNs have always been the best solution for people who are looking to keep their activity online private and secure. They’re also an integral tool for anyone who is using torrents to download videos, music, and other files on a regular basis. And, if you need to access location-restriction content–such as watching the Olympics live as they happen from another country–then a VPN is your best option.

But how good of an option are VPNs for gamers? Up until recently, VPNs weren’t a great solution for gamers due to the increased in-game lag they caused. Now, though, with services like VyprVPN and Buffered VPNs are becoming a necessary security measures for serious gamers.

And, with the ability to integrate your VPN with your router, you can ensure that you are always browsing safely and anonymously.

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