How to Screenshot on Chromebook

Like most operating systems, the Chromebook OS can take screenshots. You can also capture video recordings and share them with others.

A Chromebook’s out-of-the-box capturing capabilities allow you to take snapshots and clips of a portion of your screen or even specific windows.

Whatever your needs may be, below you’ll find everything there is to know about taking screenshots on a Chromebook.

Why Take Screenshots on Your Chromebook?

Screenshots can serve many purposes on any device, and Chromebooks are no different. The most common use for grabbing screenshots is for troubleshooting. From error messages to unexpected OS behaviors, taking a picture of your screen to share with a support person can help speed up fixing whatever’s ailing your device.

Using a Chromebook’s screenshot tools can also help in a variety of situations that call for visual aids. For instance, if you’re unfamiliar with exporting charts from Excel or Sheets, you can snap a picture using a couple of keystrokes.

Finally, screenshots can be used to build step-by-step instructions, especially when teaching others how to use certain apps—much like this guide!

No matter the purpose, Chromebooks have two ways of accessing their capture tools.

How to Take Screenshots Using the Quick Settings Menu

You can turn on a Chromebook’s Screen Capture tool via the Quick Settings menu, located on the far right of the bottom bar. It’s the space where you find the WiFi and battery indicators as well.

Chromebook quick settings access

After selecting it with your mouse, a small menu will appear, and the icon for the Screen Capture tool will typically be fourth in the bottom row. Select it to turn on Screen Capture. You’ll know you’ve done this successfully when the screen blurs slightly, and a menu pops up at the bottom.

Chromebook screen capture menu

By clicking anywhere, you’ll take a screenshot of the entire screen. You’ll know you’ve done this successfully from the Screenshot Taken window that appears along with a preview of your screengrab.

Chromebook screenshot taken

If you want to snap a picture of a specific part, you’ll need to select the middle icon, then click and drag across the portion you want to capture. The third icon allows you to choose specific windows to screengrab, which is perfect for taking shots of apps.

Chromebook recording portion of screen

The toggle on the left of the menu allows you to capture video clips, complete with narration from your microphone.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Screenshots

The fastest way to take a screenshot on your Chromebook is to use the following keyboard shortcut:

Chromebook screen shot keyboard shortcut

Ctrl + Show Windows

This key combo will instantly capture an image of your entire screen. If you want to grab a portion of your screen, you’ll need to use the following shortcut:

Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows

After that, you can click and drag over any part of your screen you wish to capture. This shortcut also opens up the Screen Capture menu, so it doubles as a way to access the rest of the options, including screen recording.

Where Can I Find my Screenshots on Chromebook?

The files all go to the same location, no matter which option you use to capture screenshots and videos of your Chromebook’s screen. You can find them in the Downloads folder, which you can reach through the file manager.

This default folder can also be changed. You can do this by accessing your Chromebook’s Screen Capture menu through any of the above methods then selecting the cogwheel icon. On the bottom of the menu that appears, you’ll find the option to choose the destination folder for your screenshots.

Chromebook change screenshot folder

This option also pins folders so you can save individual ones for different purposes. The selected folder is indicated by a checkmark.

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