How to Hide/Unhide Games in Steam

How to Unhide Games in Steam

If you’re familiar with Steam, you know that it’s easy to accumulate a large list of games. But if you’ve noticed that you’re missing games from your Steam library list, it might be that they’re hidden.

We’ll explore how to hide and unhide Steam games, as well as some other privacy-centric aspects of Steam.

Why Hide Games on Steam?

There are a few good reasons to hide games on Steam. Steam has a lot of games available, and with their legendary sales slashing prices on certain games to an enticing price, it’s easy to amass a larger collection of games than you’ll ever end up playing. As your list of games grows, it can become overwhelming to find games you want to play.

You also might want to hide games that aren’t appropriate for younger children in your house. You can always create an account for them and share games you want them to have access to. But hiding games you don’t want them to access is easier and may work better if you’re sharing your computer with your children.

How to Unhide Games in Steam

If you have Steam games in your library that you’ve hidden and want to unhide, then here’s what you’ll need to do. First, open up the Steam app and click on View in the top left corner. In the context menu, click Hidden Games.

Steam > View > Hidden Games

You’ll now see a list of all of your hidden games in Steam. To unhide a game, simply right-click on the game you want to unhide, mouse over Manage in the context menu, and click Remove from Hidden.

Remove From Hidden

How to Hide Games in Steam

Whether you have additional games you want to hide, or you accidentally removed the wrong game from the hidden games list, hiding games on Steam is also easy.

First, in the Steam app, go to your library. Now simply find the game you want to hide, right-click it, mouse over Manage in the context menu, and then click Hide this game.

Hide this game

Are You Able to Search for Hidden Games on Steam?

Yes, you can search for hidden games on Steam. Simply type the name of the game in the search bar. As you type in the search bar, you’ll see a tab in the search results named Hidden. If you click on the plus next to Hidden, it will expand the list to show all the matching results in your hidden games.

Can Your Friends See Your Hidden Steam Games?

Yes, they can. When you hide Steam games, you’re not hiding them from the world. Rather, you’re hiding them from your library, which can make it easier to find games when your library gets so full that it’s become cumbersome to find the games you actually want to play.

If you want to hide games from your friends, then you’ll need to make your Steam profile private. However, you’ll also need to switch to Offline mode. Otherwise, if you’re playing a game you don’t want anyone seeing, your friends will be able to see which game you’re currently playing, even with a private Steam profile.

How Do I Make My Steam Profile Private?

If you have games in your Steam library that you don’t want anyone but you to see, then you’ll need to set your profile to private. To do so, first you need to mouse over your username at the top of the page, and then click Profile.

Steam Profile

Now you’ll need to click the Edit Profile button on the right side.

Edit Profile

Next, click My Privacy Settings on the left.

Steam Privacy Settings

Finally, next to My profile:, click Public, and select Private from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can set Game details, Friends List, Inventory, and commenting individually if you don’t want to fully lock down your profile.

Make Steam Profile Private

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