How to Gameshare on Xbox (All Editions)

How to Gameshare on Xbox

Gameshare is an excellent feature for anyone that wants to share their Xbox library with friends and family.

With Gameshare, others can play games without buying them by using a shared library of someone who owns the game.

Of course, this requires that you have a friend/family member who is willing to share them with you!

The Gameshare feature launched with the Xbox One and works with all subsequent editions (Series S and Series X) and it’s fairly simple to set up.

Let’s go over the steps to set up Gameshare on Xbox.

Setting Up Gameshare

  1. Before proceeding, gather the credentials of both accounts.
  2. Navigate to your Xbox home screen.
  3. Select the profile icon on the top left of your Xbox home screen.Xbox Home Screen - Profile Icon
  4. Navigate to the Profile & system menu, select Add new, or Add or switch, and log into both accounts.Add new / add or switch

After adding both accounts, you need to make your friend’s Xbox account your home Xbox.

  1. Go to Settings.Xbox profile settings
  2. Select Personalization.Xbox general settings - personalization
  3. Navigate down to My home Xbox.My home Xbox
  4. Select Make this my home Xbox.Make this my home Xbox
  5. Select Make this my home Xbox on the confirmation prompt.Confirm make this my home Xbox

Accessing a Gameshare Library

After gaining access to your buddy’s Xbox game library, you can follow these steps to check the games they own:

  1. Select your friend’s account in the account menu
  2. Select My games & apps.My games & apps
  3. Navigate down to the Full Library.Full library
  4. Select All owned games.All owned games
  5. Switch to Ready to install in the drop-down menu on the top left

This will allow you to see what games from your friend’s Xbox are available for you to install.

*Just a note, that you can only access the digital games that your friend has purchased. If he has hard disc games on his Xbox, you will not be able to access these.

Once you finish following this guide, you’ll be sharing all your games, and other people will be able to play them without buying them! Keep in mind that only the console set as the home Xbox console has access to the full game library.

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