How to Disable Discord Overlay

Discord’s overlay feature is a helpful tool as it allows you to chat, answer calls, and join different groups while playing games. However, if you don’t chat while you’re gaming, you don’t need it turned on, especially if the notifications distract you. Luckily, there are a few ways to disable Discord overlay if you don’t use it.

How to Turn Off Discord Overlay

You can disable Discord overlay for a specific game or all of them. The exact steps to follow are the same for Windows, Chromebook, and macOS.

How to Disable Discord Overlay for All Your Games

Most Discord users have at least one multiplayer game they regularly play. Therefore, disabling Discord overlay for all your games would be unwise because it would make it trickier to communicate with other players. However, if you don’t use Discord overlay in any of your games, then you can quickly disable it by following this guide:

1. Launch Discord on your computer.
2. Click on the User Settings icon (small gear) in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Discord Settings
3. Scroll down the left menu pane to the App Settings section and select “Overlay”/”Game Overlay.” Depending on your Discord version, the “Game Overlay” option might also be in the Activity Settings section.

Discord Game Overlay
4. Head to the “Enable in-game overlay” option on the right pane and click on its toggle button to turn it off.

Discord Enable Game Overlay
5. Launch one video game to check if the feature was successfully disabled.

How to Turn Off Discord Overlay for a Specific Game

Enabling and disabling Discord overlay when playing different video games can be exhausting. Fortunately, Discord lets you enable the feature in specific games and disable it for the rest. That way, you never have to worry about it appearing randomly.

Here is how to disable Discord overlay for particular games:

1. Open Discord.
2. Click on the User Settings icon at the bottom of your left pane.

Discord Settings
3. Once the settings window appears, select “Overlay”/”Game Overlay” under the App Settings or Activity Settings section.

Discord Game Overlay
4. Ensure the “Enable in-game overlay” feature is enabled.

Discord Enable Game Overlay
5. Next, select “Game Activity” / “Activity Status” on the left menu pane. You should see all your installed games on the right pane. Click on the “Add it” link if you can’t see them.

Discord Activity Status - Add It
6. Use the dropdown menu to select your games and click on the “Add Game” button.

Discord Add Game
7. By default, Discord overlay is disabled for all your games. To enable or disable the overlay for any app, click on its toggle overlay icon on the right side of the window.

Discord Enable Games
8. Once done, close the Activity window. Then launch your games to see if the settings worked.

Customize Discord Overlay

Instead of fully disabling Discord overlay, you could customize it to make it less intrusive. That way, you can choose how it behaves. For instance, you can decide whether or not to display users and their names or show text chat notifications. To customize Discord overlay, go back to the Game Overlay tab, and you’ll see the different settings you can tweak.

Discord Game Overlay Options


Discord overlay is a useful feature, especially when playing multiplayer games that need fast communication. However, most gamers don’t need the feature in every game. So, in this guide, we’ve instructed you on how to turn it off for the games you don’t need it for, as well as how to disable it altogether.

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