How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

Apps are an essential part of laptops, and that goes for Chromebooks, too. While there’s a diverse selection of apps out there, you don’t need them all.

Sometimes you try a new application out, and it doesn’t fit your workflow. Other times, you find out that you can simply run the application as a web app via the Chrome browser.

Whatever your reasons, you need to do some app management by deleting those you don’t need.

Apps vs. Extensions on Chromebook

ChromeOS is an operating system just like Windows, Linux, and macOS. As such, you can install apps on it that will appear as icons you can click on to start them. Typically, if it’s an icon within your Chromebook’s launcher, it’s an app.

However, Google’s Chrome browser is heavily integrated into ChromeOS. In fact, many apps are web applications running as applets through Chrome. This means you can take advantage of extensions built to enhance web apps in Chrome.

For example, you may have installed a dark mode extension for Google Docs, which you now want to remove. This isn’t an app you can delete as it’s a function executed through Chrome. It’s an extension, and deleting it requires removing it from the browser.

How to Delete Apps

Deleting apps from your Chromebook is a simple process that merely takes five quick steps.

Step 1: Open the Launcher

The Launcher is the circle icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen, and it may be accessed by tapping it.

Chromebook open launcher

Alternatively, you can also press what Google calls the Everything key on your keyboard. It’s the one on the lefthand side with the magnifying glass icon on it.

Chromebook everything key

Either of these will open a drawer upwards with a search bar.

Step 2: Reveal All Apps

You’ll find an up-arrow icon at the top of the Launcher drawer.

Chromebook all apps

Select that to reveal all of the apps currently installed on your Chromebook. For keyboard warriors, you can press the Up key on your keyboard.

Step 3: Locate the App You Want to Delete

Your apps will appear as icons in rows. However, if you’ve got a lot installed, you may not immediately see the ones you want to delete.

If you can’t seem to be able to find what you’re looking for, you can use the search bar. Simply select it and type the name of the app you want to delete. Your Chromebook will narrow down your app list, making your search easier.

Step 4: Right-Click on the App

Now that you’ve found your target app, you can proceed to delete it. Right-click on its icon to reveal a short contextual menu.

Step 5: Delete the App

Chromebook right click app

From the menu, you’ll see one of two options:

  • Uninstall
  • Remove

Either of these will start the delete process, so select the one available to you. You’ll then get a confirmation pop-up where you can choose Remove or Uninstall once more to delete the app.

Chromebook delete app

After a short moment, the app should be removed entirely from your Chromebook.

How to Remove Extensions

If there’s a function or feature on your Chromebook that you can’t seem to find within your apps, it’s most likely a Chrome extension. To delete it, you’ll need to open up the Chrome browser and follow these steps:

  1. On the browser toolbar, click the three dots icon ⋮.
  2. Select the menu item called More Tools
  3. Click on ExtensionsChromebook extension menu
  4. To completely uninstall an extension, click the Remove button next to itChromebook find the remove button
  5. When the confirmation box appears, select RemoveChromebook confirm remove

The extension will now have been removed from your Chromebook. Keep in mind that if you’re using sync with your Google account, the extension will also be removed from other devices.

When Should I Delete Apps from my Chromebook?

The first and foremost reason to delete apps is storage. Installing apps on your Chromebook takes up space, which in some cases can take up a significant chunk of it.

When you find your hard drive real estate is starting to come at a premium, you’ll want to consider which apps you can alternatively run via your browser. Secondly, you may want to delete apps that you don’t use anymore or as often.

It’s essential to audit your app use from time to time as free space in your hard drive means your Chromebook can run faster for a longer time.

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