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How to Appear Offline on Steam

How to Appear Offline on Steam

Steam is one of the most popular digital gaming distribution platforms in the world, and for good reason. Not only does Valve provide a stellar shopping experience, allowing you to choose from thousands of great PC gaming titles (including a ton of free games), but it also provides an unrivaled gaming experience.

With its simple interface, cloud saves, and social networking aspects, it makes Steam so much more than just a digital games distributor. You can add your friends to your account, making multiplayer matchmaking with friends easier than ever. It also allows you to do other things, like text, voice chat, share content, and privately stream to friends, to name just a few.

But sometimes, you just want to tune out of the social world and play a game by yourself. If you find yourself in this situation, then setting your Steam status to offline is the perfect solution. We’ll go over exactly how to appear offline on Steam, so you can enjoy a solitary gaming session in peace.

What Exactly Does Setting Your Steam Status to Offline Do?

Setting your Steam to appear offline makes it to where your friends see you as offline, despite the fact that you’re actually online. This means that your friends can’t send or receive messages from you, voice chat will be disabled, and you and your friends can’t join multiplayer matches together.

How to Appear Offline on Steam on PC

If you want to set your Steam status to offline on PC, then first you’ll need to open up the Steam app. Once open, there are a couple ways to do it.

Method 1

The first way is to click on Friends in the top menu.


In the dropdown menu that appears, click on Offline at the bottom.


Method 2

Alternatively, you can also set your status to Offline by clicking on the Friends & Chat button in the bottom right corner.

Friends & Chat

On the Friends List window, click on the arrow next to your name.


In the context menu, click on Offline.


How to Appear Offline on Steam on Mobile

If you have the Steam mobile app on your phone, then you might still appear online to your friends. So you’ll want to also set your Steam status to offline there as well.

To set your Steam status to offline on mobile, first open up the Steam app. Then, in the top left corner, tap on the little hamburger menu icon.

Hamburger Menu

Next, tap on Settings. Then tap Go Offline. Now you should see a red bar at the top of the app screen that says Chat is Offline, indicating that you’re offline.

Settings > Go Offline

What’s the Difference Between Appearing Offline and Invisible on Steam?

Setting your Steam status to offline prevents you and your friends from interacting at all. Setting your Steam status to invisible is similar in that your friends won’t see you online or what game you’re currently playing.

However, you and your friends can still communicate with one another. That means if you want to chat with a few specific friends without broadcasting that you’re online, setting your status to invisible is the way to go.

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