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GTRacing Gaming Chair Review: Is the GTBEE Worth it?

Our Rating: 8.2/10

GTRacing GTBEE Review: Pros & Cons

For just $160, you can get a gaming chair that will offer a similar experience to chairs that cost $100+ more

The GTBEE series has four different color scheme options to choose from, so you should be able to find a scheme to match your preferences

The super deep bucket-style seats are restrictive and won’t offer an ideal sitting experience for larger users

While it would be an okay option for smaller users, there are other options in the same price range that don’t have exaggerated bucket-style seats

Hey everyone, I’ve got another gaming chair review for you guys. Today, we’re reviewing this budget-friendly gaming chair from GTRacing. Officially, this chair is GTRacing’s GTBEE Series chair.

This chair comes in at $160 and you can get it on Amazon, and I’ve linked to the chair below if you want to check it out. But, before you go out and purchase it, you might want to check out this review first, because I’m not sure that I would recommend it for the majority of users.

I’ll go over this chair’s downfalls—and its positive features, too—more in-depth in this post, or you can watch the video version of this review above if you prefer that format. But, in any case, let’s check out how the GTBEE stacks up.

Also, if the GTRacing GTBEE isn’t for you, check out our guide on the Best PC Gaming Chairs for more options.

GTRacing GTBEE: A More Affordable Version of the DXRacer F-Series?

Now, for starters, on the first glance, there is a lot to like about this chair. It looks pretty much identical to the DXRacer Formula Series chair that I reviewed a while back, despite costing nearly $130 less than the F-Series chair.

Ultimately, I initially ended up giving that DXRacer Formula Series chair an 8.4/10 rating (a rating that I have since dropped to 8.0/10), and, really, there’s no core differences between that chair and this much less expensive option from GTRacing.

However, I did that review on the Formula Series chair back in March, and since that time, I’ve basically been sitting in my Secretlab Titan chair for seven months straight and my opinions on what makes a good gaming chair have changed quite a bit. And, so, while I may have given the GTBEE a higher rating in the past, after sitting in the Titan for some time, as well as in a few other options, too, there are a couple of things about the GTBEE that limit it in terms of the sitting experience it offers.

An Over-Exaggerated Bucket-Style Seat is the GTBEE’s Main Downfall

The biggest downfall for me with both this chair from GTRacing (and the F-Series Chair from DXRacer) is their bucket-style seats. If you’ve been looking into getting a gaming chair, no doubt you’ve heard someone complain about their bucket-style seats.

GTBEE Exaggerated Bucket Seat
The GTBEE doesn’t have the widest seat-base as is and, so, the exaggerated bucket-style seats make sitting in the chair feel even more restrictive.

The idea is that, while a bucket-style seat will work in a race car to hold you in place, on a computer chair, it’s more annoying than anything because of how restrictive it is. But, most racing-style gaming chairs out there do have some kind of bucket seat style. However, both this GTRacing chair and the DXRacer F-Series chair have really pronounced bucket style seats and this results in a very tight fitting chair that isn’t ideal for larger or even moderately sized users.

As a comparison, you can see the differences between the seat base on my Secretlab Titan and this GTRacing GTBEE series chair. Of course, the Titan is a $400 chair and the GTRacing GTBEE series chair is $160 chair.

Titan vs GTBEE Seat Base
Secretlab’s Titan is one of a handful of racing-style gaming chairs that foregoes the exaggerated bucket-style seat design for a flatter—and more comfortable—seat base.

However, there are alternatives in the GTBEE’s price range that would be better options if these exaggerated bucket-style seats won’t work for you. For instance, GTRacing also offers the GT901 for ~$20 more and that model solves the exaggerated bucket-style seat, and to be honest, I’m kicking myself for not reviewing that model instead, as I think it would have offered a much better sitting experience.

As you can see, GTRacing’s GT901 gets around the exaggerated bucket seat style by offering a much thicker seating cushion. Again, I haven’t reviewed the GT901 personally, but just by looking at it, I can assume that A) it has pretty similar specs and features when compared to this GTBEE-series chair and B) it handles the bucket-style seat in a manner that won’t make the chair feel quite as “tight” to sit in.

GT901's Seat Base
The GT901 is a budget-friendly option that gets around the downfalls that come with a bucket-style seat by offering a thicker seat cushion.

And, Ficmax also has a similar offering for a little bit less than the GTBEE series, but it doesn’t have as many color scheme options.

You can check out the GT901 here and the similar offering from Ficmax here if you want to take a look at those alternative options and I am planning on doing a review on one of those options next, as I am looking to find what the best gaming chair under $200 is.

Does the GTRacing GTBEE Have Any Positive Features?

So, really, the tight-fitting nature of this GTBEE-series chair was really my biggest gripe about it. And, that could just be because I’m used to sitting in the much wider Secretlab Titan. But, again, I think if you’re an average-sized—or larger—user, this chair probably won’t be comfortable for you to sit in.

If you are a smaller user, who doesn’t like to sit with their legs spread apart or you just don’t mind being restricted a bit on the width of your seat base, you could probably get by with using this chair.

Because the other features that come on this chair are right on par with much more expensive racing-style chairs.

GTRacing GTBEE’s Features

First off, it does come with the same racing-style design that has become popular among gamers. You can get the GTBEE series chair in a few different color schemes, including all black, black and blue, black and white, and black and red.

GTBEE Color Schemes
The GTBEE is available in four different color schemes to choose from, so there should be an option that will suit most users.

The chair can recline back to 170-degrees and it comes with seat height adjustment and basic up-and-down adjustment of the armrests.

GTBEE Recline
The GTRacing GTBEE can recline back to a maximum of 170-degrees, which is a bit further than the average racing-style chair.

So, really, in terms of features, there’s nothing really stand out about the GTBEE series lineup, it’s really just its low price combined with the fact that they offer the features that most gaming chairs come with, that makes them worth checking out.

A Note On Weight Capacity

The GTRacing GTBEE series chair does come with a maximum weight capacity of up to 330 lbs., but as I mentioned above, I’m not sure that the chair will be a great option for larger users. It may be able to physically hold up to 330 lbs., but, again, the narrow seat base and the exaggerated bucket-style seats won’t be conducive to larger users.

The other thing that I should point out is that there doesn’t seem to be any standard for putting a weight capacity limit on these gaming chairs. And, what I mean by that is that, while this GTRacing chair has a rated maximum capacity of 330 lbs., I can tell just from sitting in it that it is nowhere near as sturdy as the Secretlab Titan I sit in (which has a maximum capacity of 295 lbs.) or the Secretlab Omega I reviewed in the past (which has a maximum 240-pound weight capacity.)

So, definitely take that 330-pound maximum weight capacity with a grain of salt. And, once again, I’d probably only recommend this chair for smaller individuals anyways—and, even then, the GT901 I mentioned earlier, or the similar offering from Ficmax would probably be better options at similar price ranges due to the fact that their seat cushions are thicker and eliminate the downfall that comes from having a deep bucket-style seat.

Final Verdict: The GTRacing GTBEE Is Solid for the Price… But It’s Exaggerated Bucket-Style Seats Make it A Tough Option to Recommend

Overall, the GTRacing GTBEE gaming chair is a decent offering at the price it comes in at for smaller individuals. However, due to the fact that there are similar offerings out there at around the same price that won’t leave you feeling quite restricted—including other options from GTRacing—the GTBEE is a tough gaming chair to recommend.

If you want to check out the GTBEE gaming chair, we’ve linked to it below. Just note, though, that that is an affiliate link and I may receive a commission if you decide to purchase the chair through it. Of course, I really appreciate it if you do use those links as it helps to support this website and my YouTube channel, but you can definitely forego using my link and find the chair by searching for it on Amazon as well.

In any case, that wraps up this review. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys next time.

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