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Flexispot Height Adjustable Desk Review

Are you tired of sitting at your desk, but not so tired of it, that you want to give up sitting altogether? Well, then perhaps you need a height adjustable desk that will allow you to switch between sitting and standing.

There are a few different height adjustable desk options out there. You can get a desk riser, which is a little console that sits on top of a standard desk, and will raise and lower on your command. There’s also hand-crank height adjustable desks, which allow you to adjust the height of your entire desk by turning a hand crank wheel. And, finally, what I’m showing you today, is an electric height adjustable desk where the height can be adjusted with the push of a button.

The desk I’m reviewing is from Flexispot. Flexispot is a newer desk manufacturuer (at least in the U.S.) They sell both electric and handcrank height adjustable desks, as well as desk risers, too. And, they also sell a variety of ergonomic desk accessories, including exercise bikes with desks, too. (Yes, you can now work while riding a stationary exercise bike!) You can check out their full lineup of products at, and they do sell some of their desks on Amazon as well.

Flexispot’s E2 Height Adjustable Desk

The Flexispot model I’m reviewing is their E2 base in black, with a 60″ x 30″ black desktop. You can purchase just the base with the electric motor on it on its own and then use your own desktop if you want. But, they do give you a few different options for desktops as well.

Flexispot E2 Electric Height Adjust Desk

On this model you can also pair it with a 48″ x 30″ desktop, or a 55″ x 30″ desktop, and they have a variety of colors and stains you can choose between for the desktop, and the base of the desk is available in grey, white, or black.

Flexispot did send me this desk and so, just know that I did not purchase this desk on my own. Flexispot did contact me and ask me to do a review.

Flexispot 60 x 30 Inch Black Desktop

I chose the 60″ x 30″ desktop, because, obviously the more desk space the better. Now, I won’t be using this desk as my primary work desk. But, for doing side projects or building computers, or LEGOS, it will be nice to switch it up and do those things on a taller desk, because from an ergonomics standpoint, having that taller desk will allow me to work with my hands and arms in a more natural position, whereas if I were to do those kinds of projects at my primary desk—which is not height adjustable—I would either have to hunch over while standing, or be forced to do them sitting.

So, I do have some extra space in my office and this will be a nice way to switch it up during the day, and do some of those kinds of tasks while standing at this desk.

Assembling the Desk: Much Easier Than Imagined

Now, for the assembly of this desk, it really wasn’t that difficult.

Flexispot Desk Assembly

The instructions are fairly straightforward and it was a bit easier than I imagined it would be. In total, it probably took me about 40 minutes to put it all together.

Flexispot E2 Motor Assembly

The desk base is really well-built and sturdy and it can hold up to a maximum weight of 220 lbs. So, if you’re looking to put multiple monitors on this desk, you will easily be able to do so.

Installing the Flexispot Base to the Desktop

Flexispot does also sell single and dual monitor arms as well. If you’re looking for a triple monitor arm, though, you’ll have to look for a third party option.

Controlling the Height Adjustment Feature

As for the height adjustment on this desk, it is controlled by a 7-button panel on the front of the desk. The panel has an up and down button, three preset options, numbered 1-3, where you can save a specific height that you can adjust to by pushing that preset button. The M-button allows you to set the preset buttons, and the A button will allow you to set timers that will serve as a reminder that you’ve been sitting for too long and it’s time to raise the desk up.

Flexispot Desk 7-Button Control Panel

So, since this is a second desk for me, I will probably use it primarily as a standing desk, but for those of you who would like to switch between sitting and standing, the timer feature on the panel is a nice way to remind yourself to switch to a standing position at some point during the day.

Flexispot Height Adjustable Desk

In terms of the height range on this desk, you can set it to as low as 28.5″ to as high as 47.4″, but that doesn’t include the thickness of the desk top. Flexispot’s next highest up model, the E5, can adjust from as low as 24.4″ to as high as 49.2 inches.

The other thing to note about the height adjustment on this desk is that it is incredibly quiet. So, if you are in an office setting with others around and you’re looking for a quiet option that won’t annoy your co-workers, the motor on this Flexispot desk is near silent. So, in that regards, this desk should be fine for an office setting.

Final Verdict: This is One of the Better Value Electric Height Adjustable Desks Out There

All-in-all, this is a desk, and so there really isn’t a whole lot to say other than how much space it offers, how sturdy it is, and what price it comes in at. And, of course, since this is a height adjustable desk, the lifting mechanism as well.

I’ve already touched on all of those except for the price. Again, on Flexispot’s website you can customize their desks with a number of different options. For this specific setup, it would cost $420 with free shipping within the United States.

You can get the base of this desk as a standalone with no desktop on Amazon for $300. Or, you could get this same setup, but with a smaller desktop for less depending on whether you wanted the 48″ wide desktop or the 55″ wide desktop.

In terms of the competition, though, Flexispot seems to be right on par with their competitors in terms of pricing, if not priced better overall.

So, ultimately, if you’re in the market for an electric height adjustable desk, I’d definitely recommend checking out Flexispot’s desks either on their website or their Amazon storefront.

That does it for this review. If you have any questions on this desk that I didn’t answer, let me know if the comments below. In any case, thank you for reading, I really appreciate it!

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