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Cooler Master MasterSet MS121 Review: A Budget-Friendly RGB Keyboard-Mouse Combo

Our Rating: 8.6/10

MasterSet MS121 Review: Pros & Cons

The “mem-chanical” switches feel very similar to actual Cherry MX Blue switches

The value you get (memchanical switches, keyboard & mouse, RGB lights) for the price you pay makes this combo a steal

The mouse has On-the-Fly DPI, four levels of DPI adjustment, and OMROM 10M micro switches—all good features for the price

The mouse is small and pretty light. So, it’s not ideal for users with big hands (the MS120’s mouse would be better in that instance)

Today, we’re taking a look at Cooler Master’s MasterSet MS121 keyboard-mouse combo set. This set is available exclusively at Best Buy for $79.99.

However, Cooler Master does also have the MasterSet MS120 available, which can be purchased on Amazon for a little under $70.

I’ll get into the differences between the two sets in a moment.

But, ultimately, the MasterSet MS121 (and MS120) are marketed to budget-minded gamers who want the look and feel of a high-end keyboard and mouse. So, let’s see if it can live up to what it was designed for…

An Overview of the Cooler Master MasterSet’s MS121 Specs

MasterSet MS121

The MasterSet MS121 comes with both a keyboard and mouse, both of which are RGB friendly.

A Quick Look at the Keyboard

The keyboard in the combo set has mem-chanical switches that are essentially membrane style switches that are designed to feel like mechanical switches.

For this particular keyboard, Cooler Master has chosen to try and mimic the feel of Cherry MX Blue switches.

The keys on the keyboard come with a 50M+ click lifespan. And, they have a 3.8mm travel distance and 1.8mm actuation point.

This keyboard also sports 26-key Anti-Ghosting to ensure that all your clicks are registered.

For RGB lighting, the keyboard features per-key RGB lighting and nine different preset LED modes and effects.

A Quick Look at the Mouse

The MS121’s mouse offers four levels of DPI adjustment ranging from 500 to 3500. And, it comes with an On-the-Fly DPI adjustment button as well.

It is an ambidextrous style mouse and has dual zone RGB lighting.

In total, the mouse has six different buttons (including two on the side.)

The mouse also comes with OMROM 10M micro switches, too.

The MasterSet MS121 vs the MS120: What’s the Difference?

Both the MS121 and MS120 feature the same keyboard.

The only difference in the set lies with the mouse.

The MS120 comes with a larger claw grip style mouse, whereas the MS121 comes with a smaller and lighter ambidextrous style mouse.

The mouse on the MS120 also comes with 3 zone RGB lighting, whereas the mouse on the MS121 only has 2 zone RGB lighting.

MasterSet MS121 Unboxing

MasterSet MS121 Unboxing

There really isn’t a ton to talk about with a keyboard or mouse unboxing, but we’ll cover the basics of the unboxing experience of the MS121 really quick. (Or, you could watch the unboxing part of the video above.)

Cooler Master’s packaging is very attractive and makes this budget keyboard-combo feel a bit more high-end.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS121 Unboxing Back

The interior packaging is pretty simple, there’s some cardboard filler to keep the keyboard snug in place. And, there is a plastic mold to keep the keyboard protected.

The mouse is wrapped in a plastic bag and surrounded by a styrofoam-type mold to keep it in place.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS121 Opened

Other than that, you get a small manual to break down the mouses features and functionality.

Ultimately, there’s not a ton going on with the packaging of the MS121 and it only takes a minute or two to get everything unboxed.

My Experience With the MS121’s Keyboard

MasterSet MS121 Side View

Rather than talk about the MS121 combo as a whole, I figured it would be better to break this review into a section on the keyboard and a section on the mouse.

So, first up we’ll take a look at the keyboard. And, I think it’s the keyboard that makes this combination worth it. Not that the mouse is bad, but the keyboard is a really solid option for budget-oriented gamers.

At first, it was a bit tough getting used to the keyboard. But, I’ve found that anytime you switch keyboards (or most other peripherals) there is a bit of an adjustment period.

Now that I’ve been using the MS121 keyboard for close to two weeks, I’ve settled into it quite nicely and the overall feel of the keys and the board is pretty darn nice.

But, let’s get into what I think are the two main sells of this keyboard… its RGB lighting and its “mem-chanical” switches.

RGB Lighting on the MS121 Keyboard

MasterSet MS121 FN Keys

In the first part of my video review on the MS121, I mentioned that I wasn’t quite sure what per-key RGB lighting was and that I would have to jump into the software to figure out what it did.

However, the MS121 doesn’t actually come with any software. Rather, all of the RGB lighting and effects are controlled through the FN key.

Without software, going through all of the RGB presets is a bit of a task, but once you’ve played with it a bit, you get a good feel of all of the different ways you can change up the keyboard.

MS121 Keyboard

There is no ability to change the keys or to changes zones to a specific color, but there are quite a few different modes that you can choose from.

If you want to get a look at the different RGB options, check out the video review where I cycle through the majority of them.

MS121 RGB Features

Overall, the lack of software was a bit of a concern at first. However, after playing with the RGB effect modes for 5-10 minutes, I found a couple of setups that I like to switch between. And, for the price you pay, this keyboard does have a ton of different RGB options on it.

So, it’s definitely a cool addition to have.

Mem-Chanical Switches Feel Like MX Blue Switches

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of the “mem-chanical” switches that Cooler Master claimed would feel like MX Blue switches. But, after using the keyboard for a couple of weeks, I can safely say that these keys really do feel on par with true mechanical switches.

MasterSet MS121 Mem-Chanical Switches

They have a nice clicky feel to them and the clicking sound they produce is just as satisfying as true mechanical switches.

So, if you are trying to decide between a mechanical keyboard and the MS121 combo, and price is a concern for you, the MS121 will save you some money and will give you a comparable feel to a mechanical keyboard.

Overall Feel on the Keyboard

The MS121’s keyboard is definitely my favorite part of this combination. Again, that’s not because the mouse is bad, but more because of what the keyboard brings to the table for the price you pay.

The fact that it does do well in mimicing mechnical switches and because of all of its RGB options, it really does live up to its promise. I could easily see this keyboard going for ~$50 on its own and so with the inclusion of the mouse, its right in line with the price you pay for it.

My Experience with the MS121’s Mouse: Just Took A Little Adapting

MasterSet MS121 Keyboard Mouse Combo

The mouse on the MS121 doesn’t quite pack the same value that the keyboard does, but considering that the keyboard is such a solid product, the fact that you get any mouse—let alone a mouse with 6 buttons, On-the-Fly DPI control, and RGB lighting—still makes it a nice addition to the combo.

The one thing that might turn some potential buyers off is the fact that the mouse is on the small side. And, it is also fairly light.

I did come from a GX Gaming Maurus X, which is larger and heavier and so there was an adjustment period.

MS121 Ambidextrous Mouse

And, it also has a different range of DPI levels the Maurus X sports a DPI range of 800/1600/2400/3200/4000, whereas the mouse in the MS121 has a DPI range of 500/750/1500/3500.

I would use the Maurus X at 3200 DPI and so I had to decide whether or not I wanted to drop all the way down to 1500 DPI on the MS121’s mouse, or bump up a bit to 3500.

Since 3500 DPI was the closest option to what I was used to, naturally I went  up.

But, after adjusting to the smaller and lighter mouse, and adapting to the faster DPI, I’ve found that I can handle it just as well as the Maurus X.

MS121 Mouse

And, really, I’ve adapted enough to the mouse to where I probably won’t switch back—just so I can keep unity between my keyboard and mouse.

Ultimately, though, if you’re a gamer who has larger hands, or who prefers a heavier mouse, you might want to consider the MS120 combo instead, as it does come with a bigger mouse.

Verdict: Cooler Master’s MasterSet MS121 Offers Incredible Value for the Price You Pay

The Cooler Master MasterSet MS121 keyboard-mouse combo is a really solid option for budget-oriented gamers who are looking to get a quality keyboard and mouse.

Sure, there are some other budget-friendly keyboards and mice out there that offer similar experiences. But, on a feature-to-feature level, the MS121 is a step above the rest.

It’s large range of RGB options on its keyboard, as well as its “mem-chanical” switches (that fairly accurately reproduce the feel of Cherry MX Blue switches), to the overall solid value of the mouse, this combo set is a great option for anyone who has about $70-$80 to spend on their keyboard and mouse.

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