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10 of the Best VR Fitness Games [2022 UPDATE]

Best VR Fitness GamesWant to game and get in shape? In this post, we’ve listed ten of the best VR fitness games to help you burn calories and get fit and have fun doing it.

Right now, virtual reality is very popular and only increasing in popularity. This popularity is easy to understand; VR gives you the ability to completely immerse yourself in a virtual world. In a VR game, you can move your entire body and interact with the virtual world directly. Since this is the case, VR offers a fun platform for improving your fitness.

And, in this post, we’ve highlighted ten of the best VR fitness games currently available.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber

Immediately after its release in 2018, Beat Saber became one of the most popular VR games.

Even though it’s been a few years, Beat Saber remains exceptionally popular.

A simple goal; accessible mechanics; a great soundtrack; intense gameplay. Each one of those elements is present in Beat Saber, making its popularity easy to understand.

The goal of Beat Saber is simple: slice as many musical beats as possible, with as much accuracy as possible.

Each musical beat takes the form of a colored block. To slice these musical beats, you will need to move your hands towards, and through, the block.

A series of walls come towards you quite frequently. You will need to dodge these walls, by moving your upper body, while also slicing each musical beat.

On the easier difficulties, Beat Saber is a pleasant workout. On the harder difficulties, Beat Saber is an intense workout that requires a lot of dexterity and flexibility.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip

The mechanics found in Pistol Whip are simple: shoot enemies and dodge bullets.

To shoot enemies, you will need to constantly move your hands towards those enemies. To dodge the bullets those same enemies shoot at you, you will need to move your body.

Since Pistol Whip is rhythm-based, each piece of music corresponds to the events occurring within a gameplay session.

Even though these mechanics are simple, the speed and freneticism of this game—along with the excellent soundtrack—makes for an intense but rewarding workout.

Audio Trip

Audio Trip

When you play Audio Trip, you listen to a very energetic song from the game’s fantastic soundtrack. The beats within this song correspond with the two main gameplay mechanics Audio Trip offers: playing virtual drums and dodging obstacles.

Within a single gameplay session, you will spend some time playing those drums and dodging the obstacles that come at you.

Each one of these mechanics is synchronized to the individual beats found in each song.

To perform these mechanics, you will need to constantly move your hands to play the virtual drums.

As you play these drums, objects will come towards you from a multitude of directions. To dodge these obstacles, you need to move your entire body.

Even though Audio Trip is less intense than the other games on this list, it’s great if you want a fun and energetic workout.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall

The fantasy world of Rokar has fallen to a horde of monsters and spirits. Your goal, in Until You Fall, is to eliminate the monsters and spirits populating Rokar.

To eliminate these monsters, you will be using an assortment of weapons and casting a wide variety of unique spells.

Each weapon and spell is a little different, requiring you to move your body in a specific way.

Every mechanic found in Until You Fall requires you to move and be active.

Right before the start of the game, you can choose from several “comfort options.” Each one of these comfort options emphasizes a different type of physical activity. That way, if you want to focus on a specific part of your body, you can select that setting and the gameplay will emphasize moving that part of your body.

Synth Riders

Synth Riders

Before we dive into what Synth Riders has to offer, let’s get this out of the way: if you aren’t a fan of synth-based music, this game isn’t for you.

Every moment spent playing Synth Riders will involve you listening to a synth-based track of one sort or another.

The reason for this is quite simple: every beat within these synth-based tracks corresponds to the events within a session of gameplay.

Some of these beats correspond to enemies coming at you, which you will need to dodge. Some of these beats correspond to different enemies coming at you, which you can punch.

Even though these mechanics are simple, they are not easy.

To achieve a good score, you need to be in a constant state of movement. That way, you can dodge and punch enemies while also paying close attention to what is coming towards you.

Hot Squat

Hot Squat

The name “Hot Squat” says it all: this is a game about squatting very quickly and, in doing so, becoming hot and sweaty.

Right after beginning a gameplay session, objects will begin coming towards you. To avoid these objects, you must squat down and then stand up very quickly.

For the first minute or so, the objects come at a fairly gentle pace.

Soon after that, though, the speed of these objects intensifies.

You must perform squats more and more quickly to ensure those objects don’t hit you.

If you fail to squat in time, then you will lose points, reducing your total score.

Every gameplay session ends with you having earned a certain number of points. You can look at your past gameplay sessions to see the number of points you’ve earned.

By doing so, you can gauge how much you’ve improved. This is a nice metric for tracking your fitness progress.

Right now, there are two versions of Hot Squat available. The first of these versions – Hot Squat 1 – is free. But, if you like that version of Hot Squat and want to support the developers, Hot Squat 2 offers better graphics and more exercises.

In Death: Unchained

In Death Unchained

In In Death: Unchained, a legion of mages, knights, and fantasy beasts want to destroy you.

To defeat your enemies in the game, there are two things you must do: dodge their attacks and shoot arrows at them.

To dodge those enemies, you must move your body away from them. To shoot arrows at the enemies attacking you, you must move your hands toward them.

None of these mechanics are handled in a particularly unique manner. But they’re fun, and In Death: Unchained can be quite intense, which makes for a nice workout.

Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends

A wide assortment of weapons, several difficulty modes, unique special abilities; each of these features culminate in an enjoyable game that offers a ton of replay value.

Your goal in Ninja Legends is to eliminate the ninjas attacking you.

To accomplish this goal, you will be moving your hands in every direction imaginable.

By doing so, you can perform a variety of attacks with a plethora of weapons. Some of these weapons include a katana, ninja stars, claws, and a chain dart. Each one of these weapons requires its own set of hand motions.

The weapons you have access to—along with the numerous ways they can be used—make the gameplay quite versatile.

To go along with that, you have access to several abilities. Like the weapons, each of these abilities is unique, which only enhances the variety this game offers.



In Bitslap, there is one straightforward goal: strike down the cubes that are coming towards you.

Even though this goal is quite simple—as are the mechanics that allow you to accomplish this goal—Bitslap is easily the most intense game on this list.

For the first few moments of gameplay, the cubes come towards you at a measured pace.

After those first few moments, the cubes start coming towards you at a much faster rate.

Soon enough, you are forced to constantly move your upper body to strike the cubes coming towards you at a rapid pace.

A single gameplay session lasts around two minutes. Right after a session, there’s a short break. And then, another session begins, requiring you to fall back into the game’s rhythm.

Since this is the case, Bitslap is a game that’s easy to play for a long time. This makes for a rewarding thirty-minute workout that feels much shorter and is far more enjoyable than you might expect.

The Thrill Of The Fight

The Thrill Of The Fight

The Thrill Of The Fight is more than just a game: it’s a boxing simulator.

While playing The Thrill Of The Fight, you will learn about all of the basic boxing techniques.

Some of these techniques include hitting, jabbing, and dodging (to name a few.)

Each one of these techniques is conveyed in a hands-on manner.

You will need to perform these techniques with your full body, not unlike real boxing.

The variety of boxing techniques—along with the physicality each boxing technique requires—makes for a great full-body workout.

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