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10 of the Best Skyrim VR Mods to Improve the Game

Best Skyrim VR ModsAre you looking to get a better experience out of Skyrim VR? In this post, we’ve highlighted ten of the best Skyrim VR mods to help improve the way the game feels and plays.

Throughout the last ten years, Skyrim has been released and re-released multiple times. One of these releases was “Skyrim VR,” a version designed for virtual reality headsets. Like the regular version of Skyrim, this version of the game supports a wide variety of excellent mods.

Since there are so many mods, it’s not always easy to figure out which ones are worth installing. By reading this list, you will learn about the top ten best Skyrim VR mods that you can, and should, install. These mods enhance the features that Skyrim VR already offers while also adding new features that make for a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

VR FPS Stabilizer

VR FPS Stabilizer

Even on high-end hardware, Skyrim VR’s framerate can be erratic. This is especially true if you’re running several mods at one time.

One of the best and easiest ways to stabilize your framerate is installing VR FPS Stabilizer.

With this mod, you can choose the exact framerate you want—120 FPS, for example. By doing so, your framerate will remain steady and smooth, never going above your chosen FPS, and rarely dipping below.

You can more easily immerse yourself in the world that Bethesda has created without being taken out of the experience by annoying framerate spikes/dips.


No matter what version you play, a significant amount of your time in Skyrim will be spent navigating a plethora of different menus.

Each one of these menus plays a vital role in the game, allowing you to choose items, upgrade skills, choose quests to focus on, and so on and so forth.

But, unfortunately, none of these menus are particularly intuitive. This can make interacting with them far less enjoyable than it should be.

To enhance this aspect of the game, you can install SkyUI VR. By installing this mod, the menus look better and, more importantly, are much easier to navigate.

Even if you don’t need to improve Skyrim VR’s menus, you should still install SkyUI VR. Some of the other mods in this list require SkyUI VR to be installed.


The VR experience that Skyrim VR offers, while enjoyable, is relatively bare-bones.

An excellent example of this is the lack of an in-game body.

Rather than looking down and seeing your character model, you will see two detached hands.

If you install VRIK, though, this is no longer the case.

With this mod you can look down and see the entire body of the character you’ve created and customize.

To go along with that, VRIK adds two other features; weapons holsters and the ability to bind specific actions to specific bodily gestures and motions.

You can look down at your character and see your holstered weapons. This is mainly for aesthetic purposes, but it adds another layer of immersion.

For a more enjoyable experience that feels right, you can bind certain actions—casting a spell, for example—to a specific gesture or motion. As a result, if you want Skyrim VR to control in a particular way, you can configure the game to play in that way.


Every version of Skyrim allows you to pick up and move nearly any object in the environment.

Even though this feature isn’t too helpful, it’s fun to play around with while also adding a layer of interactivity to the world Bethesda has created.

Regardless of the version you play, the objects you pick up appear to be floating in the air.

For a non-VR game, this is fine. But, for a VR game, this is somewhat immersion-breaking.

If you install HIGGS VR, you can fix that issue. This mod allows you to pick up, and move, any object with your in-game hands.

But, that’s not all HIGGS VR offers. This mod also offers collision, ensuring that your hands, as well as the items you’re currently holding, realistically interact with other objects.

Realistic Mining

Realistic Mining Skyrim VR

Realistic Mining is easily the simplest mod in this list, changing just one gameplay element.

To mine ore nodes, without this mod, you just press a button, watch an animation, and that’s it.

If you want to mine ore nodes with Realistic Mining installed, you must swing both of your arms towards the node as if you were holding an actual pickaxe.

Just as you would expect, this makes mining a little more challenging. But, this is a great mod for those who want another layer of interactivity and a more immersive experience.

True 3D Sound

The sound in Skyrim VR tends to be a little wonky.

Sounds seem to come from random directions rather than the physical spaces they should be coming from.

A good example of this is hearing someone’s voice as if they’re speaking in front of you, even though the character is to your right.

Situations of this sort are quite frequent in Skyrim VR. This is unfortunate since these moments can easily break your immersion, which you do not want in a VR game.

To ensure that sound emanates from the space it’s supposed to come from, you can install True 3D Sound. This mod fixes the aforementioned sound issues while also making sounds, in general, a little sharper, clearer, and more immersive.

Onyx VR Weathers

Even without any mods, Skyrim VR’s weather looks excellent.

But, there are a couple of oddities, here and there. Most of these oddities pertain to how foliage and certain outdoor spaces are lit.

None of these oddities are too noticeable. Despite this being the case, though, they can affect your perception, making things feel strangely unrealistic, even if it’s hard to say why that is.

The easiest way to fix those issues is by installing Onyx VR Weathers.

A variety of lighting and color techniques—making the night sky a little darker, for example—make Skyrim VR’s weather look and feel more beautiful and more dynamic.


If you love what Onyx VR Weathers offers, and would like that same high-quality lighting to be seen in every facet of Skyrim VR, then ELFX is essential.

Every light in Skyrim VR, with ELFX, emits its own unique light source.

Every single one of these light sources emits its own set of lights and colors, in conjunction with the weather and design of the spaces they’re located within.

None of these additions make a substantial difference. But, they make the world feel a little more natural and a little more alive.

To go along with the new lighting system, ELFX also offers more realistic shadows, better smoke effects, and enhanced reflections, along with a plethora of other improvements.

The cherry-on-top is that the improvements ELFX offers will not affect your FPS. So, if you’re already running Skyrim VR at a great framerate, that great framerate will remain.

Ethereal Cosmos

Every version of Skyrim offers a radiant night sky that is lovely to gaze at.

Just don’t gaze for too long, though. If you do, the static nature of the night sky’s textures, along with the murkiness of those textures, becomes all too apparent.

By adding a diverse array of stars and constellations, Ethereal Cosmos fixes both of those issues.

Every single one of the textures is stunning. Plus, there’s quite a few of them, which means you won’t be seeing the same sky over and over again, but an assortment of unique textures that showcase different parts of the universe.

To go along with the new textures, Ethereal Cosmos offers enhanced lighting and colors. Both of these additions make the night sky look and feel more alive and dynamic

Location Damage VR

Location Damage VR

The combat found in Skyrim is, if nothing else, very simple.

Every weapon, spell, and projectile performs a certain amount of damage on certain enemies. By using the right weapons and using them over and over again, you can defeat any enemy.

But, with Location Damage VR, combat becomes a little more complex.

Certain parts of your enemy’s body are more vulnerable than others, allowing you to do more damage if you know where to aim.

Since this is the case, with Location Damage VR installed, combat becomes a little more strategic. Your focus is less on shooting arrows/casting spells repeatedly and more on finding the weak spots and aiming with precision.

Right now, Location Damage VR only supports spells and arrows.

So, if you’re looking for improved melee combat, this isn’t the mod you’re looking for. But, if you enjoy casting spells and using the bow-and-arrow, this mod has a lot to offer.

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