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Best Gaming Houses & eSports Facilities

Best Gaming Houses

The eSports and gaming/content creation industry has taken off in the last few years. A few years ago, if you said you were a “professional gamer”, or “YouTuber”, or “Twitch Streamer”, people probably would have laughed and walked away.

In today’s world, though, professional gamers/streamers/content creators (the terms are largely interchangeable), these lucky few are often objects of envy. Making it in today’s digital landscape requires a unique blend of skill, personability, drive, and more than a little bit of luck. To a lesser extent, it also requires its residents to have some sort of existing financial stability, and a solid grasp of digital trends.

Recently, we’ve also seen a blending of the professional and content creation landscapes. Now organizations like TSM and 100 Thieves sign both competitors and creators alike—and oftentimes, they like having everything in one place. Because of exponential industry growth, we’ve been seeing a lot of gaming houses being built—ones that cost (sometimes many) millions of dollars. Here are some of the best ones.

1. TSM’s eSports Facility

While pretty much every organization claims to have the “best” gaming house (mostly for marketing) it’s really hard to deny that TSM just might have the best. Not only have they managed to amass talent across a wide variety of titles, they’ve also signed some of the biggest streamers out there. The house contains plug-and-play streaming setups, and the industry’s first wellness center—offering a Spa room and a Dream pod. Considering the $50 million price tag, it’s easy to see why they take pride in it. Plus, the video is narrated by Daltoosh, which is an automatic win.

2. TimTheTatman’s eSports Facility

Coming in at #2 is Complexity’s gaming facility. While they’ve spent “only” half as much as TSM, they have some truly innovative takes within the industry—and a huge focus on community outreach. With a custom-built, long, twisting screen hanging above their public gaming area, it’s easy to see why Complexity has garnered such a large fanbase. They’re also home to many inspiring stories, like Apex player Monsoon’s.

3. 100 Thieves’ Gaming Facility

While 100 Thieves is, relatively speaking, new to the scene, they’ve wasted no time catapulting themselves to fame. With a similarly hefty price tag of $35 million, 100 Thieves has amassed a collection of competitors and creators alike, ranging from Valkyrae to Korean competitors like Ssumday. The compound itself boasts a suite of streaming studios, as well as top-of-the-line training facilities for every separate team.

4. T1’s Gaming Facility

While T1 is, first and foremost, a Korean org, considering their status as industry goats, and home to legendary hosuehold names like Faker and Smeb, it’s easy to see why it’s garnered an international fanbase. Based in Gangam, Seoul, the facility has a public merchandise floor, training and streaming studios, as well as an inhouse gym and fitness center.

5. Team Liquid’s Training Facility

While I’m a HUGE fan of Team Liquid (Steve, the owner, is an all around awesome dude), I unfortunately despise Alienware. Still, though, this facility has everything you’d expect from a Tier 1 org like TL—from training facilities to an in-house team of chefs and nutritionists. Being based in a beautiful area like the Netherlands is also a bonus.

6. CouRage, Valkyrae, Nadeshot, & BrookeAB’s Gaming House

While this separate 100T facility can’t really compete with the first one on this list, it’s not really meant to, either. Rather than being home to both competitors and creators, this content house is home to some of the biggest streamers and creators out there. On top of being really fancy (and really expensive), the house itself is every tech nerd’s dream house.

7. Space Station Gaming’s House

A bit of a smaller organization, this gaming house owned by Space Station Gaming was built specifically to house their professional Rainbow Six Siege team. While a tad older, this house still holds up, containing an in-house scrimming facility, living areas for each player, and a huge backyard with a pool.

8. Team PWR’s Gaming House

The first Aussie-based team on this list, Team PWR is even younger than 100 Thieves, which makes their immediate success all the more impressive. While the facility has everything you’ve come to expect, it has a few quirks as well, containing not only a chicken coop, but what appears to be a beehive as well. Anything for fresh food!

9. DarkZero’s Gaming House

DarkZero was an organization that I hadn’t really heard of until they picked up Reignite’s Apex Legends Team this year (with fan favorite Genburten). While not as blatantly expensive as 100T, TSM, Complexity, or even TL’s facilities, it’s easy to see how much time and money they’ve put into developing the facility.

10. MrBeast’s Mega-Studio

While this is far from a gaming house, I couldn’t help but include it in this list. YouTube sensation MrBeast has not only one, but two decked-out studios. Not only are there stream studios (which each contain around $15,000 worth of tech), there’s a massive warehouse where they create all of their sets. It’s hard to describe just how much stuff is in this one—and it’s absolutely worth watching on your own. Plus, it’s expensive—so much that MrBeast himself says he doesn’t want to think about the pricetag for everything.

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