The Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

The Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Whether you game or stream online, or you just want faster download speeds, having fast Internet is important to get the best online experience. But having a fast Internet connection isn’t the only thing that you need.

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Not only does the modem/router that you use make a big difference in how performant your network speed is, but the Ethernet cables are also a crucial part. Like USB, Ethernet is a universal standard meant to simplify how we stay connected. But not all Ethernet cables are made equal.

In fact, even with standards put into place, many companies and marketing departments are quick to bend the truth in order to pump up their sales, meaning that finding good Ethernet cables that work as advertised is especially difficult.

That’s why we’ve done the work to find the best Ethernet cables for gaming, so you can spend less time searching, and more time gaming. Now, let’s get into it!

Finding the Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming

1. Monoprice Cat6A Ethernet Patch Cable

Best Ethernet cable for gaming

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Monoprice Cat6A Ethernet Patch Cable

  • Ethernet Category: Cat6A
  • Wire Gauge: 26AWG
  • Length: 10 feet

When it comes to Ethernet cables, Monoprice is known as being one of the best and most reliable brands on the market. And with the Monoprice Cat6A Ethernet Patch Cable, it’s easy to see why.

This cable from Monoprice offers a great balance between price and performance. With Cat6A doubling the bandwidth of the standard Cat6 cabling, from 250MHz to 500MHz, it foregoes the limitations that Cat6 cables have. This results in cabling capable of offering a maximum data rate of 10 Gbps on any length of wire up to 328 feet.

That means that this cable is rated for up to 10 Gbps speeds, making it more than fast enough for all but the most ardent network enthusiasts.  In fact, most routers and network cards top out at 2.5Gbps speeds, meaning that unless you have top-of-the-line equipment rated for 10 Gbps, then you won’t even be able to fully saturate this cable.

This cable also uses 50µm gold-plated contacts, and features pure copper shielded twisted pair (STP) wiring, meaning that you’ll get the best quality cable possible that can transmit data with minimal interference. That’s why Monoprice is highly regarded as one of the best brands available for Ethernet cabling.

2. Monoprice Cat8 26AWG S/FTP Ethernet Network Cable

Best Cat8 Ethernet cable for gaming

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Monoprice Cat8 26AWG S-FTP Ethernet Network Cable

  • Ethernet Category: Cat8
  • Wire Gauge: 26AWG
  • Length: 5 Feet

The category 8 (Cat8) Ethernet standard was released in 2016, and offers an insane data rate maximum of up to 40Gbps. This cabling is most often found in enterprise environments. But a cursory glance at Amazon will show that tons of sellers offer Cat8 cables. What gives?

In reality, a large majority of these cables aren’t anywhere close, and are simply marketing ploys from sellers trying to convince you that their cable is among the best. However, with Monoprice’s stellar reputation in the market, this is the real deal.

This 26 AWG pure bare copper offers superior speeds over older generations of Ethernet cables, with up to 2GHz bandwidth, 4 times higher than Cat6A cables. Of course, for most people, Cat6A is overkill, meaning this cable is seriously overkill if you aren’t running 10 Gbps or higher networking equipment. But at its price, it’s a good buy if you’re just looking to future proof a small slice of your home’s networking capabilities for many years to come!

3. Mediabridge Pure Copper Cat6 Cable

Best bulk Ethernet cable for gaming

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Mediabridge Pure Copper Cat6 Cable

  • Ethernet Category: Cat6
  • Wire Gauge: 23AWG
  • Length: 250 Feet

Whether you’re looking to do some in-wall cabling, you need to cut custom lengths of cabling, or you just want to buy in bulk to save costs later, Mediabridge’s Pure Copper Cat6 Cable is an excellent choice if you don’t mind a little DIY.

This 250-foot spool of wire comes in a snagless pull-out box, making it easy for you to store the cabling, and pull out what you need to cut when you need to run some cabling. It’s in-wall rated, making it useful for permanent in-wall wiring, and makes it easy to measure, thanks to the numbered markings on the jacket of the cabling every 2 feet.

This 23 AWG unshielded twisted pair (UTP) pure copper cable offers exceptional data transfer rates, with 550MHz bandwidth and up to 10 Gbps data transfer, and is also rated for “Power over Ethernet” (PoE) applications, making it extremely versatile for use throughout your home.

The only downside to this cable is that you’ll need to attach RJ-45 connectors to the cable yourself. Obviously, if you’re looking for a great DIY solution, this isn’t a problem. But if you’re looking for a simple plug-and-play cable, you’re better off with another cable on our list.

4. GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable

Best outdoor Ethernet cable for gaming

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GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable

  • Ethernet Category: Cat6
  • Wire Gauge: 23AWG
  • Length: 250ft

If you’re looking to do an Ethernet cable run to an outdoor area, then not only will you need a long Ethernet cable, but you’ll want to opt for a cable rated for outdoor use. And the GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable is one such cable that makes it easy to supply a wired connection to outdoor areas.

Much like the Mediabridge cable, this cable provides 250 feet to work with, allowing you to run cable a decent length away from your home. However, unlike the Mediabridge cable, you won’t need to connect an RJ-45 connector to the cable yourself, making it truly plug and play.

This thick-jacket Cat6 cable also features multiple insulation layers to shield from signal interference. And because it’s housed in a durable PVC jacket, it’s rated for outdoor and burial use, making it the perfect cabling for runs to accessory structures outside the home.

Inside the wire is pure copper cable that provides excellent transfer speeds, with a 550MHz bandwidth that can provide speeds up to 10 Gbps, making it a superior choice for gaming outside the home over using Wi-Fi.

5. AmazonBasics Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet Patch Internet Cable

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AmazonBasics Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet Patch Internet Cable

  • Ethernet Category: Cat 6
  • Wire Gauge: 30AWG
  • Length: 25FT

When it comes to quality Ethernet cables, thicker is usually better. A thicker cable means that you’re more likely to have a pure copper cable, which works better at conducting signals between devices. However, having a thick cable means that not only is it harder to work with, but it makes routing cables in plain sight harder to do.

That’s why if you’re looking for a thin and flexible wire to run in your home, the AmazonBasics Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet Patch Internet Cable is a great choice. This thin 30 AWG cable makes routing cables out in the open much easier,  thanks to a thin, flat profile. This allows you to easily run the cable along the wall and take 90-degree turns, unlike thicker cables.

It comes in a variety of lengths, from 25 to 100 feet, so you can easily run cable to other devices in the same room, or in different rooms. The snagless plug helps to make running the cable a little easier, foregoing the possibility of snagging the connector on something and breaking it. It also comes with hooks and nails to help keep the cable held against the wall, allowing for a seamless run along the walls.

While this cable won’t offer much in the way of future proofing, at a rated speed of 1 Gbps, it’s plenty fast and is guaranteed to deliver excellent performance for gaming.

6. Maximm Cat 6 Ethernet Cable (5 pack)

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Maximm Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

  • Ethernet Category: Cat6
  • Wire Gauge: 26AWG
  • Length: 6 Ft

If you have lots of devices at home, and you’re looking to upgrade cables for multiple devices at once, you can always buy cabling in bulk, like with the Mediabridge cable. But if you don’t want to fuss with cutting and capping cables yourself, you can always order a multipack of cables, like the Maximm Cat 6 Ethernet Cable.

The cables are made with pure copper, and offer decent performance, thanks to the 250MHz bandwidth and Cat6 standard, allowing for up to Gigabit speeds. For most home networks, this is plenty fast enough to enjoy seamless gaming, streaming, and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

This 5 pack of Ethernet cables are available in multiple lengths, from 1.5 to 25 feet. You can also get them in a variety of colors as well, allowing you to color code your network connections for easier management.

Finally, these cables are ETL certified, and come with a 1-year warranty, meaning the company stands behind the quality of their cables. That makes these cables a great choice if you’re looking to expand or upgrade your network cables.

Get Wired Into Better Gaming Performance

In order to get the best experience with online gaming, you need to be sure that everything from your Internet service to your Ethernet cables are up to snuff.

With Gigabit Internet becoming more widespread, you’ll want at least a Cat6 cable to ensure you’re taking advantage of the higher Internet speeds. Just be sure that you get cables from a reputable brand, like some of the cables we’ve included in our list.

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