Best Controllers for PC Gaming (Wired & Wireless)

Best Controller for PC GamingIf you’re looking for a controller to use with some of your PC games, in this guide, we’ve covered seven of the best controllers for PC gaming to help you find the right option for your needs.

When it comes to PC gaming, there’s a common misconception that a keyboard and mouse combo provide the only control scheme that you can use. This is far from the truth, especially with the rise of Steam, which has plenty of console-style games (like Tekken 7) and a myriad of platformers that are better suited with a controller.

For this reason, companies like Sony and Microsoft have designed the controllers on their latest consoles to also work well on PC by using Bluetooth and USB technology. Not only are Xbox-style and Playstation-style controllers viable options for PC gaming, but there are several other controller options out there that will work for gamers as well.

And, in this guide, we’re going to highlight seven of the best controllers for PC gaming currently on the market.

Logitech Gamepad F310

Logitech F310 Gaming Pad
If you want to game with a controller, you don’t always have to pay top dollar. Logitech is known for its series of peripherals that don’t cost a lot of cash but still provide a high level of quality, and this product is no exception. This controller is very inexpensive but packs in a four-button control scheme, a standard D-pad, and two highly responsive analog sticks.

For those looking to do a little emulation, this product has a very old-school design that’s perfect for play with some of your old favorites. Additionally, there are also four trigger buttons that will provide you with a wide variety of extra functions for just about any modern game. The bottommost trigger is a little larger, which might remind some of the Dualshock-style of control experience.

All 10 of the buttons on this gamepad are completely configurable by application, so you shouldn’t run into issues getting used to new layouts. This gamepad is also wired and is plug-and-play, so you won’t have to do much configuration when you’re getting ready to play. Despite this, it does include some proprietary software that you can install so that you can get the most out of its extensive functionality.

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IFYOO V-one Wired USB Gaming Controller Gamepad

If you like a bit of style in your controllers, then this product from IFYOO is a good option with a really cool-looking design. At the top of the device are several red-colored LED lights that really enhance the game-ready design of the device. When it comes to comfort, the device is very ergonomic, which can help during longer gaming sessions. The texture of the surface also feels almost velveteen, and the matte design won’t generate a distracting glare as you play.

This is a fully wired product, so there’s not much of a configuration process when you’re ready to play, and most features are preloaded thanks to the plug-and-play functionality. The controller has four front-facing buttons, a lower D-pad, two analog sticks, and two very ergonomic analog triggers that are positioned along the top edge of the gamepad.

The controller also has the standard start and select buttons along the face as well as a turbo button, which is excellent for emulation and fast-paced shooters where every trigger-pull counts. This is also a gamepad that’s versatile; not only will it work on the last generation of consoles, but it also has compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

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MSI FORCE GC30 Gaming Controller

MSI Force GC30
Customizability and responsiveness are essential when you want to game your best, and this gamepad from MSI packs in both of these critical features. At first glance, it has a very Xbox-like design to it, but it does have some features that the Elite line of controllers does not provide. This includes a very ergonomic and tactile trigger experience; each trigger has a slimline design and each has a rigid texture to it that makes it feel better during the attack. This type of design is relatively unique and it makes shooter and racers feel great.

Another unique feature of the GC30 is its D-pad. Not only does the D-pad have the cross shaping that you might be used to, but the cap can also be removed so that you can use the saucer-shaped cap that some gamers prefer. This grants options, which really helps this gamepad stand out from the competition.

The GC30 also can be used wired or wirelessly, so you’ll have options in this regard as well, and when you want to unplug, you won’t experience a drop in the action. When unplugged, it will last for about eight hours of uninterrupted gaming, and recharging it between sessions is very simple.

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Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller
Microsoft was one of the first console makers to design their controllers to be completely compatible with PC gaming. As a result, they are one of the best control manufacturers out there for those that want to game on multiple platforms. This controller comes in a bright white coloration that’s very attractive and clean-looking.

When it comes to buttons, the controller has four standard buttons on the face, a D-pad, two analog sticks, and two additional menu-based buttons. Additionally, there’s also an Xbox button at the top, which has been integrated into the Windows 10 experience. Finally, the controller also has two sets of two trigger buttons that are positioned opposite of each other. One feature that makes this controller stand out is the indentations on the tips of each analog; these are very comfortable on the thumbs and provide a more secure control scheme.

This is a wireless controller so that you can use it with Bluetooth at a range of up to 29 feet. Additionally, it’s designed with ergonomics in mind and has a matte finish that makes it very slip-resistant. To add to this level of control security, the rear of the grip also has a studded design for comfort and traction.

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Razer Wildcat eSports Customizable Premium Controller

Razer Wildcat eSports
When you’re competing, standard controllers sometimes just don’t have the features you need to operate at your best level of play. Fortunately, Razer, which is one of the world’s leading PC gaming peripheral companies, understands this and crafted the Wildcat series of controllers. This product is designed specifically for gaming and has features that make it a great PC controller as well as one that will work well for the Xbox One.

High carbon steel was used in the design of the controller, so you know it’ll be durable enough to withstand more than a few falls. In addition to this, all of the components including the buttons and sticks are also comprised of more robust materials that just won’t wear out with age. Each of the four face buttons is fully configurable and also have a good level of haptic response.

This controller also stands out because of its extra buttons; along the rear of the pad, there are four fully-programmable buttons. This is perfect for PC gaming because some games just have too many controls for most controllers. Finally, the trigger buttons at the top of the pad have adjustable depth settings that will allow you to customize the attack experience.

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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
The DualShock series of controllers is known for its versatility and quality, and the latest generation is fully compatible with the PC so that you can play your AAA+ games. The only caveat about using a DualShock is that the controller doesn’t have Sony-supported drivers, but there are plenty third-party drivers out there that do a great job of adding features like mapability to this PlayStation controller.

The DualShock has four buttons on the right side of the pad, two large analog sticks, and a D-pad on the face. Along the top, there are four analog triggers that can recognize differences in pressure, so they work very well for racing games and shooters.

This pad also stands out for its ergonomics and size; it simply is a very comfortable to use device that won’t cause fatigue. Sony also designed these to take a good licking; you can drop these all day without losing any functionality.

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Need A Controller to Play PC Games With? Check out These Top Controllers for PC Gaming

Having the right tools for your gaming is essential, and for a wide variety of games like fighters and platformers, a suitable controller is essential. The products that we’ve selected for this best controller for PC gaming article are all excellent for just about every gaming application, so select the one that stands out the most for you. Each is also designed for hours of gaming, so grab one and get your gaming on!

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