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75 Examples of Virtual Reality’s Wide-Reaching Influence

Virtual Reality Changing the WorldLooking for examples of how virtual reality and augmented reality are impacting the world around you? In this guide, we’ve collected 75 examples of how VR and AR are changing the world.

While virtual reality technology is still in its early stages and is primarily used for gaming and entertainment purposes, applications for virtual reality are rapidly expanding into different sectors. Whether medical schools are using virtual reality to train new doctors, or teachers are using virtual reality to help give their students a deeper understanding of the lesson, VR and AR are being used for a lot more than just video games.

The market for virtual and augmented reality is projected to reach a valuation of over $209 billion by 2022. That’s a 182% increase over its $27 billion dollar estimated market value in 2018. And, with virtual reality equipment and VR ready computers becoming less expensive by the day, the ground-breaking technology will continue to innovate markets and industries at a rapid pace.

75 Real-World Examples of How Virtual & Augmented Reality Are Impacting the World

In the section below, we’ve compiled 75 different articles from around the web that showcase the impact virtual reality and augmented reality are having on six different sectors. You can use the menu below to jump to each section.

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VR in Health and Wellness - JumpHealth & Wellness

VR in Research and Education - JumpResearch & Education

VR in Entertainment and Media - JumpEntertainment & Media

VR in Marketing - JumpMarketing

VR in Transportation - JumpTransportation

VR in Community and Government - JumpCommunity & Government

VR in Health and Wellness

Virtual Reality’s Impact on Health & Wellness

While virtual reality has gained popularity in the video games and entertainment industry, it may have an even more vital role to play in the healthcare sector in the future. Virtual reality and augmented reality are currently being used in several ways to help find alternative solutions for treating disease, sickness, and mental health issues, whether that’s through sorting out phobias or providing doctors with a tool to aid in surgery preparation.

KCL Uses VR to Research & Provide Therapy for People w/Pyschosis

Augmented & Virtual Reality in Surgery

Virtual Reality A Hit at NY Rehab Facility

How Virtual Reality Can Help Those With Autism

Therapists Explore Virtual Reality to Help Patients

Virtual Reality for Physical Therapy

WIU Computer Sciences Creates VR Program for Students w/Disabilities

Virtual Reality: Alternative To Marijuana & Opioids For Pain Management

Virtual Reality Helps Cure Real-Life Fear of Heights, Study Finds

How Virtual Reality Can Boost Your Workout

Scared of Heights? Spiders? VR Therapy Offers Cures

VR May Help Students Experience Life With Dementia First Hand

The Virtual Reality Game Gathering Data for Dementia Researchers

Virtual Reality Helps Cure Real-Life Fear of Heights, Study Finds

‘Virtual Tumour’ New Way to See Cancer

Virtual Reality Helps Calm Children in the ER, Doctor Says

Using Virtual Reality, Researchers Get a Closer Look at Autoimmune Disease

How Virtual Reality Might Help Fight Recurring Nightmares

VR in Research and Education

Virtual & Augmented Reality in Research & Education

What better way to teach your students about the Egyptian Pyramids than to take them there? Reading about a subject in a textbook pales in comparison to giving your students an experience they can actually experience. For that reason, many experts think virtual reality’s most significant impact will come in the education sector. Right now, teachers all over the world are using VR-based lesson plans to take their students deeper into their lesson plans than ever before.

Walk on the Moon w/ New Apollo 11 Experience at National Naval Aviation Museum

Virtual Education: How Virtual Reality Tech is Used in Education at UO

Dexter Elementary Students Learn Through Virtual Reality

How to Improve Brain Power? Try Virtual Reality for a Sharper Mind

Making Virtual Reality a Reality in Today’s Classrooms

New Virtual Reality Program Teaches Children About Road Safety

ASU Online Biology Course is First to Offer VR Lab in Google Partnerships

Using Virtual Reality to Bring Students Closer to the Lessons

Stanford Study Finds VR Makes People More Compassionate Than Other Media

Five Best VR Video Lessons to Engage Your Students in the Classroom

Four Ways AR/VR Can Transform Your Lesson Plan

Using Virtual Reality For Education – TEDxYouth

Virtual Reality Could Help Students Remember Better, New Research Says

VR in Entertainment and Media

Virtual Reality’s Impact on Entertainment & Media

The driving force behind virtual reality has always been in the video games and entertainment industry. For video games, the lure for gamers has always been to get the chance to adventure in fictional worlds or scenarios. And, with virtual reality, players now have an opportunity to go further into their games than ever before. But, that’s not the only way that VR will change the entertainment industry… In the future, virtual reality will allow you to experience game seven of the World Series or sit front row at your favorite band’s concert—all without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

I Experienced the NBA’s Virtual Reality Future and It’s Pretty Damn Cool

The NFL’s New VR Highlights Take Football to A Whole New Level

Weather Channel ‘Drives’ Virtual Vehicle Through Studio

Acura Hosts First Live Augemented Reality Race

How to Watch 2019 NCAA March Madness Games in Virtual Reality

VR Takes Audience Back to 10,000 BC at This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival

Inside the Largest Virtual Reality Theme Park In The World

The Future of Baseball is Virtual and Augmented Reality

Hikaru Utada Performs “Hikari” and “Chikai” in PlayStation VR

First Virtual Reality Prom Announced

Nintendo is Bringing Zelda and Mario Into Virtual Reality

World Cup: Experience World Cup in Virtual Reality

‘Hamlet’ in Virtual Reality Casts the Viewer in the Play

WWE & NextVR Bring the WWE Universe Closer to the Action w/Virtual Reality

VR in Marketing

How VR & AR Are Impacting Marketing

With the rise of the internet, we’ve seen an enormous shift in how companies and brands are marketing to their potential customers. And, with virtual reality technology rapidly advancing, we will yet again see another change in marketing tactics. With AR and VR, brands now have the opportunity to put their products directly in front of you without being directly in front of you. Do you want to test out a new car, try on a new outfit, or walk through the rooms of the hotel you’re considering booking? All of those are possible with VR and AR technology.

An Augmented Reality Business Card?

Ikea’s New App Flaunts What You’ll Love Most About AR

Volvo Uses VR to Let Customers Test Drive a Volve on A Mountain Drive

Matterport Hotel Virtual Tour Example Walkthrough

Home Depot’s Project Color App Let’s You Test Paint Colors

Sephora is Betting Big on Augmented Reality for Beauty

L’Oréal Joins YouCam Makeup, Perfect Corp.’s AR Makeover App

North Face Gave Shoppers VR Experience That Suddenly Got Awesomely Real

Walmart Files Patents For At-Home Virtual Reality Shopping

Macy’s Reduces Return Rates With Help of Virtual Reality Technology

How Virtual Reality Is Changing The World Of Advertising

Car Shopping in VR: 3D VR Enables New Ways for People to Choose Vehicles

VR in Transportation

VR & AR’s Role in Advancing Transportation

While virtual reality and augmented reality probably won’t have as big of an impact on the transportation industry as it will in other sectors, there are plenty of automobile and aviation companies putting AR and VR to use. So, whether VR and AR are changing how cars are engineered, or offering more entertainment options on cross-country flights, or, for tourists and sight-seers, eliminating travel altogether, VR is already having an impact in the transportation sector.

Gatwick’s AR Passenger App Helps Airplane Passengers Navigiate Through Airport

Thomas Cook’s Mobile VR Allows Travellers to Try Before They Fly

The First Mobile VR Walking Tour in Israel

Garuda Launches Inflight Virtual Reality Entertainment

How Virtual Reality is Poised to Change the Aviation Industry

Visiting the Ancient World Through Virtual Reality

Inside the Car of the Future – Featuring Virtual Reality Passengers

How Lyft Envisions Bringing VR and AR to Your Ride

See How Ford Uses Virtual Reality to Design Cars

VR in Community and Government

Virtual Reality in Community & Government

With large spending budgets, emerging tech often gets a serious look from various branches of the government. This is especially true in the military. Right now, VR technology is being used to help train the next generation of soldiers. VR and AR can also have an impact in the community as well and is currently being used in efforts such as helping rehabilitate prisoners and preserving ancient landmarks.

Heads-Up Display to Give Soldiers Improved Situational Awareness

Virtual Reality Goes Behind Bars to Rehabilitate Inmates

Virtual Reality May Help Save Ancient Egypt’s ‘Sistine Chapel’

Virtual Reality: The Future Of Military Training

Young Latinos Use Virtual Reality to Reunite Immigrant Families

NYPD Uses Virtual Reality to Help Teens Facing Tough Choices

Government Divisions to Use VR for Training, Hiring, & More

This is Not a Game: NIST Virtual Reality Aims to Win for Public Safety

Government of Canada Invests in Virtual Reality Rescue Hoist Simulator

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